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Maladaptive daydreaming: please, tell me your stories

Hello, i'm a 18 years old girl, and i've just recentely seen some websites talking about this problem: i immediately recognized all the sympthoms and i realized that i've been "suffering" from this since probably elementary school...
now i've finally started to understand the problem, that there is a problem, since it had never really bothered me too much, but just now i've realized how this had effected me and my social life: i've suddenly found myself facing hadulthood withouth really even knowing how to socialize or interacte with other people.
Now i wanna ask all of you that has got my same problem, expecially if you're an adult, how do you live with that? How do you deal with it, does it affect your work or improve it? do you think that it's an habit which you have to completely delete from your life, or it's okay just to "control" it? Because even if i've realized that it's a problem, i don't want to totally erase it... I like daydreaming, and i like the stories that i make up: i've always thought of writing them down, maybe publishing them, but i've always felt so imbarassed by it, like they're too "personal". I think that this could turn into a usefull talents, expecially with creatie works, maybe, if i could learn how to control it a bit more.
Please, if you could share your experience with me, you'd be really helpful!

Here is one of the best sites that i've found that describes the sympthoms (
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I just found out about this a couple of days ago. Right now if I catch myself doing maladaptive daydreaming I stop myself and ask, "what is it that's stressing you out that you feel the need to daydream to escape from?"

I still maladaptively daydream but now I'm not stuck in lalaland anymore.

Also if you maladaptively daydream, you should probably avoid drugs and alcohol because the kind of person who maladaptively daydreams has the psychology of an addict.

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I've heard of maladaptive day dreaming a while back and came to the conclusion that I suffer from this too.

I usually listen to music and zone out in my fantasy world for literally hours. I play out scenarios in my head where I'm a totally different person, having fun, talking to people etc. I replay movie and tv scenes in my head, and sometimes make up alternative plots.

It's affected my life significantly. I'm disabled due to my anxiety at the moment, but I could be making better use of my time... I could read, learn a hobby, or a new skill, but this day dreaming thing has become quite addictive. It's actually one of the bad habits that I am currently trying to break.
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YOU GUYS. I have had EVERY single symptom of "Maladaptive Daydreaming" to a "T" (and to the EXTREME) since adolescence. I have also struggled with anxiety and depression and thought maybe there was a connection. I grew up around abuse so I thought maybe it was some form of an escape mechanism (maybe that contributed.). I also thought maybe I had some mild form of schizophrenia. But I HAVE GREAT NEWS. ADHD MEDICATION HAS CHANGED MY MOTHER FREAKING LIFE. All of my teachers thought I had it in elementary school so after years of constantly suffering to appear "normal" I finally did some serious googling. I looked at forums directed at people with anxiety, depression and adhd. I found I related much more to the ADHD forums. "Inattentive" ADHD can go undiagnosed especially if you have social anxiety since we are so quiet and don't exhibit the symptoms. I suspected it was ADHD so I did my own experiment. I went to a doctor and I did not tell her about the bizarre maladaptive daydreaming symptoms since I was almost certain she would suspect schizophrenia and send me to a psychiatrist. I just told her I daydream excessively, can't focus and am the most disorganized, forgetful person since the dawn of time (all very true.) She put me on 10 mg methylphenidate 3 times a day. And I noticed the difference within 30 minutes. Maladaptive daydreaming disappeared, I was able to start cleaning, watch movies, read, exercise, everything normal people do lol. BUT CAUTION. JUST KNOW there is no magic pill. There are times when I can't take my medication. And that is basically when I am PMSing/menstruating. It seems to magnify the god awful mood I am in and honestly at times makes the maladaptive daydreaming worse. If I wake up feeling depressed or anxious I like to take my medication with kava kava (all natural herb for anxiety and depression) and that made a difference. Diet and intense exercise also helped. I also started taking a super complex b vitamin, niacin and magnesium which are all supposed to help with depression, anxiety and adhd. I read a forum where someone had maladaptive daydreaming symptoms and they found out they have schizophrenia, in which case taking ADHD medication could ruin your life so just a warning. But I just thought I would share my story. Wish y'all the best of luck.
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"please, tell me your stories" I thought it meant telling the stories we have in our heads lol
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I used to have it pretty bad, nowadays it's less. I remember when it started. My mom used to take me to her work shop everyday, I was bored out of my mind, I would sit in the office with nothing to do, so I started daydreaming. As I got older, I would daydream while I was doing something, so it's not like it interfered with my life, it just made the boring task go faster. I think a little daydreaming is okay but I also think it's important that you make sure your mind doesn't wander into something that could potentially harm your life or your relationships, if that makes sense. We can get obsessive about things and that same daydream comes back and it's not the most productive or healthy.
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