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Maladaptive Daydreaming

Has anyone that experiences maladaptive daydreaming find anything helpful in dealing with this? This is my biggest problem in life--outstripping even SA. In my 8 or so years on this forum, I have never once posted in or about this topic. It's the single greatest embarrassment to me...infact, the first reader of this thread has the honor of being the first person on Earth to know this about me (yep, even doctors).


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I used to. from around 17-21 I would daydream constantly. vividly. I would get a sort of high from it, and since I wasn't getting high from anything else, it became addictive. Its like I would get my fix from the daydream, go make myself something to eat, watch tv, and then close my eyes and start anew. sorry I'm not talking about "daydreaming", just plain old daydreaming.
It never helped with my SA. Just felt good for awhile.
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All the time? I often daydream of epic science fiction plots that involve the practical use of the philosophies I love so much to dire crises involving all of humanity. In the last year or two, I've actually built upon the same daydream to the point of seriously considering writing down my thoughts and making my own book (for better or worse! lol).

Daydreaming really helps me think things out.
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Although I wouldn't consider mine maladaptive per say. It does make me procrastinate A LOT though.
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