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Maladaptive Daydreaming

I think this really is something that effects me. anyone else have this
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It happen something similar to me.Being transsexual,I would(and sometimes still do)imagine myself as the perfect female version of me,I would redo all my day but with my fantasy self,and sometime would do it in the middle of the day,like sittuations that just happened.I still do it,sometimes.I had created many "realities",some I were born as a girl,some I was transsexual but came out earlier and avoided puberty,etc.
It really prevent me for coming out before,and since 14 I realized that this dreams are not enough,and I really regret not doing something about it,now I avoid it and try to accept really,no matter how hard it is.
Sorry if this have nothing to do :/

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Yep. It used to be a problem for me when I was in school because I'd have a hard time focusing sometimes. I used to pace a lot and whisper to myself when I was younger until my parents asked what the hell I was doing. That pretty much stopped that behavior while other people were in the house, but I still do it when I'm home alone.
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PTSD doesn't mean you're going insane.
It means you're sane and reacting from something that was insane.
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oh godyes I have that. It's not really like we're insane type though that wikipedia is talking about... we're just thinking excessively about the stuff we wish we could do...wish we we would do
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