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Jacob Barnett

I found this video a while ago, I was deeply depressed and he brought me back to life again. For a while I became deeply obsessed with him and had intense toe curling crushes on him day in and day out. It seems I get aroused by Asperger types who are genius....

I was enthralled about the fact that as a kid he would be so intensely focused on objects and doing math problems in his mind at frikkin' 1 - 3 years old! Aside from my attraction to him, I am also attracted to this Autism side of a person, how amazing it is to realize the "spark" in your child and have resources to make him/her into the next Einstein!

Instead of what we really do to kids on the spectrum these days, just throw them away, because we think if they're focusing on objects intensely then they're retarded! This also makes me realize that now we can spot these kinds of kids/people much better, like if they're not socializing and they're focusing on objects instead, then they could be!

Oof I am deadly an obsessed person, probably schizophrenic, especially when it comes to attractive people, like imagine a retarded looking person staring after you in a social outing, that's me!

Then I found out his mom wrote a book called The Spark and I immediately bought it. I saw his mom's videos on youtube and they made me bawl my eyes out! Especially this one

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