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Hadara 09-02-2020 07:02 AM

Is this PTSD or just anxiety?
Hi, how are you today?
Just wanted to ask about this thing really bothering me right now.

Last month I was tested for covid-19 and resulted positive. I was living in a student dorm so the people responsible for the security of the dorm took me to a room where I would stay all by myself for isolation under the statement that I shouldn't try going out by no means because they had cameras around me and would see me if I tried.The room where I was had all the windows closed I couldn't even see outside.

The things got even more complicated with my Uni completely ignoring me and giving me no answers as to when I could get out. I took another test but doctors never gave me an answer. Because of that, I ended up being isolated for a bout a month. Finally, my Uni decided I had to leave the dorm no matter what, leaving me with lots of stress because I didn't have a new home to go and since I am an international student whose country still has a closed airport, I couldn't even find a plane back to my country.

I had to buy a last hour train ticket and go to my sister in another province even without knowing anything about my current situation. Physically I am fine, I have no more symptoms.

Now that I am with my sister though, I am still feeling very stressed (aside from the fact the mailing service I hired to take my luggage here lost it). I keep having nightmares of people locking me, of cameras following me, of my friends abandoning me. I wake up scared many times at night because of it. And I don't know why, I feel like people are strange to me and I feel lost all the time, like I no longer know where I am. Could this be PTSD or maybe just my anxiety messing up with my head? I ask here because right now, because of everything that just happened, I can't afford therapy. But if someone knows I will look for help online, like relaxation videos or something like that...

Well, thanks in advance.

chrisinmd 09-03-2020 11:38 AM

Im not a Dr or therapist but I would say its likely anxiety. I think you need a event with more trauma to have PTSD. Like being in a war or sever bullying. Bad car crash or something like that. Isolation like you described is not got for your mental health but I dont think it causes PTSD unless its a severe situation like your in solitary confinement in a prison for a long time. Just my opinion but I think it makes sense. See a professional to make sure though.

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