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Is there such a thing as a phobia / disorder for doing practical activities (repairs)?

And is there a name for such a phobia / disorder?

To elaborate on what I mean further, I'm referring to activities that involve practically solving problems by hand, related to technological items such as cars, buildings and etc. via repairing, constructing or modifying.

And when partaking in such activities, the person experiences excessive fear of failure and is overly hesitant to do anything.

Is this a phobia / disorder in and of itself with a name or is it a subset of another classified disorder / phobia?

And what may cause such a problem?
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I have a whole whack of phobias (bears, spiders, heights, lightning, the dark) but I would never have thought to call this kind of thing a phobia. Apparently some people do, though: Atychiphobia. Guess it all depends on how specific the stimuli are and how intense the physiological reaction is.

I have trouble changing lightbulbs, but I don't have a fear of failing at those kinds of tasks, per se. I just know I'm no good at working with my hands. But I do have a phobia of injuring other people.

When our cat was diagnosed with diabetes, we were supposed to give him insulin injections every day. I spent weeks trying to prepare myself to give him a needle and when I actually tried I fainted. That's how strong my phobia is. I probably wouldn't be able to give myself a needle, either. But I don't have a problem with other people giving me needles. I'm not afraid of the needle itself; I'm afraid of accidentally murdering someone by doing it wrong.

My fear of responsibility comes up all the time in therapy.

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Generalised anxiety maybe? (if your anxiety extends to everything, I think there's a point where it's more just there with everything due to a hyperactive amygdala rather than specific traumas.) But I know what you mean and I'm usually apprehensive doing anything new for the first time. But I have a more specific phobia of using objects that use gas like the first time I use a new gas oven/hob that always makes me really anxious until I get used to using it. The one I use at the moment, I barely think about using at this point because I've gotten used to it (I wish that was possible with social anxiety but it's not and that's why I don't like the term social phobia for myself.) I also hate using vacuum cleaners but that's not really the same it's just that I hate the sound and have issues with sensory processing which might be why.

Sometimes I think my brain is very early Human because electrical stuff can bother me, gas stuff, and I prefer candle light or stuff that resembles candle light to bright electric lighting. I've been adding it up lol. What do these things have in common? Ah I see, I'm a caveman. Might also be a vampire (because I like poorly lit spaces and have less anxiety in them.) Or a cat. Probably not a cat I like cucumber.

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It sounds eerily familiar. I think its potentially (or is in my case) growing up in a very critical household. I wasn't aware of how bad this was until I started CFT and tuned into all my critical thoughts. They weren't just critical they were absolutely abusive, which has become internalised. And then one day I saw my dad trying to replace his car tire or something and he verbally said "you ****ing idiot" to himself, and it sorta clicked. My mum used to literally shout abuse if anyone accidentally dropped something, usually not swearing, but it's like, in my house, a 4 year old child accidentally drops something and gets called a "stupid idiot" over and over, and then relentlessly criticised for something that was done well (but never well enough, could have been better), and it's not at all hard to connect the dots and figure out that a fear of even attempting things means you simply don't get the criticism.

So anyway, long story short, I think its an overdeveloped critical voice (or an underdeveloped compassionate / caring one).

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