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Originally Posted by truant View Post
Yeah, I don't see why not. Stick around the forums long enough and you'll find people with these tendencies. Having one disorder doesn't stop you from having another. I have multiple interconnected disorders.
I agree with this 100%. I personally have tango'd with some forum members because of my 'tendencies'. It's a curse.

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Yeah. Low self-esteem is an underlying problem for many people with NPD . They seek constant praise to value themselves, after all. [edit: whoops, you asked "while having SA". Well, I still think so]

On that topic...

Most narcs don't talk about themselves as being narcissistic, in my experience. My dad, for example, is a full blown narc and it's just completely natural to him that he is the center of the world. It's not something he thinks or talks about - because... he's a narc.

Self-proclaimed narcissists tend to just be insecure and self-absorbed people who're trying to be edgy and special. It often seems to be some sort of projection thing. People don't care about me -> I don't care about them!-> I only care about myself! Yes, that's it! They just don't understand me. Those sheeple.

that's what she said
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There are various categories of NPD.

This is an interesting article that looks at Narcissists with both low and high self esteem.

As for myself I do have some Narcissistic traits, but they actually became less prevalent as I grew older and developed better self-esteem.
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Covert narcissism is a defense mechanism in my opinion from humility and embarrassment because of SA, to act and think like we don't need people so no one comes to our aid because we think there doing it out of pity so you pretend like nothing's wrong until you lose it one day and hate the world because you wonder why no one's coming to your aid. It's a cruel cruel paradox of a defense mechanism and I see me doing this avoidance thing everyday, it sucks.

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Yeah, I noticed that, too. It's not that I lack empathy but whenever someone declares his superiority over me, I get frustrated as if I am the best for the matter. Also, the most problematic aspects, I think, are excessively mirrorring people, and seem to care for them until they start attacking my ego for somr reason. Well, realizing this is a good progress to start with.
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