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Incredibly real dreams, cannot distinguish what happened in real life

Since I have been in college, for about the past 4 nights at least, I have had dreams relating to fears or socially anxious encounters. When I am going about my day, the event pops into my head and I can't seem to distinguish if it actually happened or not...that's how real the dreams are. It really bothers me, and I am afraid it is going to keep happening. It makes me paranoid.

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I've had this lately too and it makes me feel bad when I wake up in the morning even though nothing actually happened.

Originally Posted by Fortune Cookie Wisdom;
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I experience this almost every time I dream. When I dream, it consists of me living out a whole day (or more) of my life. Then later on I wonder...did that actually happen?

Once when I was really tired in class, I even would switch between dreaming, fantasizing, and reality and couldn't tell which was which. So confusing xD
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Yes! I was telling someone this the other day. I have conversations in my dream, I think, and I'm not sure which part was a dream and which part was real. Its like it continues once I go to sleep. Then I get paranoid incase I've said something stupid, in reality and should be embarassed.
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Lucid dreaming is common - I would write down what you dream about and then check a dream analysis site. What you see in a dream is symbolic of something that may be completely different.

I once had a dream with a straight road, a road off to the left, and two route signs. That was enough to give me a status on how I was doing!

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I have a friend who was experiencing very lucid bad dreams related to a real life event. He said he would mentally wake up from the dream but be temporarily unable to move and elements of the dream would continue until he could physically move again. It was kind of a scary description. He ended up going to the doc and doing a sleep study that found he was not cycling through sleep states normally.

I had lucid dreams when i was on the nicotine patch. They were generally fun.
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This used to never happen to me but the last few days its been happening quite alot.
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The worst the dream the more likely its not real, if it was you wouldn't of been sleeping so well.

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this happens a lot. last night i had a dream that i had heard or seen a guy who apparenlty was a miracle of science because he has been able to survive without a heart for the past 34 years, and there was a lot of news about it since it was done in Canada. when i woke up this morning i wasn't sure if it was a dream because it's such an odd thing to dream about since it didn't relate to me or anything about my life.

i remember yesterday i was thinking about that episode of south park where they attempt to revive kenny's heart and they take it out and intend on zapping in the microwave but instead of putting his heart back in his chest they mistakenly put in a baked potato. so maybe that is why the topic popped up in my dream...
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Oh my, this happens to me too and it's very disconcerting. It mainly happens when I have dreams about college. I graduated eleven years ago and ever since then I've felt that I didn't take full advantage of my years at college because I haven't gotten a job that utilized my degree nor did I participate in any extracurricular activies or make any friends. I also allowed my bus schedule to dictate the times I would take classes, as I lived at home.

Even though I had great grades and did very well academically, I would occasionally skip a class, mainly in my freshman year (most people skipped some classes). If I went to college now, I wouldn't skip any classes. In my defense, it wasn't that many, only one or two a month or so, nowhere near those kids who would skip the whole semester and only show up for finals. But in my dreams about college, I will dream that I've forgotten that I was enrolled in a course, have forgotten to look at my class schedule and that I've skipped weeks and weeks of classes. In the dreams I'll show up and not know what was taught or what I'm doing.

I have these dreams so often and college was so long ago that these dreams are replacing my recollections of college, so much so that my perception now is that I was a total failure and screw-up in college. Of course rationally I don't think that I really skipped all those classes. But the emotion of failure and helplessness that I feel in the dreams is now the dominant thing I feel when I think about my years at college.
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i have had several instances where i had to ask friends if i had asked them something or if it was a dream. the real bad thing about realistic dreams is when its the best part of your day.
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Beautiful, idn't it?
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Having had had an eating disorder in the past, I still get these dreams where I binge on something really fattening. When I wake up I actually think I did binge because I feel full. and then feel a bit panicky. It usually takes awhile of thinking through previous days but I can usually establish that it was a dream. Those are the only lucid dreams I experience regularly.

The only other one I've had was when I dreamed my dad/best friend died in my arms. In the dream we were sitting in the kitchen, I was talking on the phone and he was sitting by the window.. and then all the sudden he started hyperventilating and grabbed his left arm (he has heart problems in real life) and I just stared at him for a minute thinking he was joking.. then he started vomiting and shaking and breathing even harder. I ran to him while trying to call 911 but the call wouldn't go through. I was crying and holding him and he was just looking at me so helplessly. Since it was my dream I could pretty much read his thoughts. He was thinking "thanks for not being afraid to touch me." which is what he really would have been thinking. Then he just stopped moving. I woke up saying "dad??" out loud in this defeated, terrified, squeaky voice.

I laid in bed for a minute trying to figure out if it was real or not. When I walked out into the living room.. needless to say he was alive. I don't think I've ever been that happy to see him.
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glad to know this is common, makes me feel less nuts
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