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IBS please help

I feel like nuts posting here all the time.
But basically if you dont know what IBS is, then google it its really too embarrassing to talk about.
I find it a very hard thing to cope with and I avoid people because of it.
I can't even stay at sleepovers because I know my stomach gets sick.

Ive read other threads about this and no-one really has anything to say about this & Ive also noticed a lot of people don't deal with this at all so its just me.
I wish it all wasnt so embarrassing, I feel so unworthy already and that just makes it all 1000x worse
I would rather gain all the weight when eating(I have to eat alot because of IBS, always hungry and stomach growling) rather than have IBS and lose it drastically.
If theres anyone out there that has found a cure or anything PM me or post here, Ive tried all sorts of diets, Ive even been to hte hospital once and they said its gotta do with how I think etc. that it wasnt physical.
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Re: IBS please help

A relative of mine suffered with IBS for years, but figured out (seven years in) that it was in fact only an intolerance to gluten. It is possible that your IBS is centered mainly around one or two foods. My relative had to do a diet of just a couple foods since they are the least likely to provoke a reaction in most people. It was white rice, cucumbers, and I can't remember the other two (but I can find out if needbe). She then added in a different food a week to her diet and kept track of her body's response to it. By doing this she figured out gluten was the only thing that gave her a reaction and since then she's eliminated it from her diet and been fine.

The only thing I can really suggest is keep track of the ingredients you consume and see if there is any sort of pattern to when you get sick. I know someone else who was on some med for it, and I think that helped as well.

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Re: IBS please help

Theres not a single food that does anything like that to me. Ive been through tests and Im not allergic or intolerant to any type of food, and when im not in any anxious situations(and i am, most of the time) or when i dont think about it, like dont remind myself that i get IBS, i have no problems. Generally Im just afraid something embarrassing might happen and that causes the physical reaction... CBT hasnt helped that part because people and i consider it a disgusting thing to talk about such disorders, also people talk negatively about it
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Re: IBS please help

OMG I have IBS. And of yeah nothing is to embarrassing to talk about here we don't really know each other. Message board gave me the opportunity to say whatever the hell I want until I found this place I felt like a rat in a cage.

Also, I do understand how you could be embarrassed too talk about it, some girl gave a speech about her pooping problems and I kind of laughed, and actually lost mt attraction toward here.. but pay back is a ***** and karma came back and bit me in the *** because now i have severe IBS, but im cure now ( I will get to that in a moment)

I always had a sensitive stomach and would throw up and people would always blame it on acid reflux and lactose intolerance. But I never get sick when I drink milk and really never have experienced heartburn, although I did have a scope that showed gastritis, so I guess should be taking me nexium/prilosec/aciphex/protonix. I don't know which one to use because I got them all, but people seem to be liking protonix more because I think it has an added proton pump inhibitor or is that what they all do?

What poster # 2 was talking about celiac disease. I was tested for that after me 3rd or 4th barium swallow, and I ended up having a really good radiologist who was also a doctor, and she told me that my symptoms are the exact same are her granddaughter who has a rare disorder called Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. The celiac disease might be something you want a radiologist to check for because it can make you really skinny like i was a mimic other thing.

She gave me the number to her granddaughters doctor which I can not see because she is pediatrician but it's not common for grown up to ask to see her because she is the only one in Michigan who knows of this best of a disease. I did have one of the best neurologist in MI confirm the of disorder, and he said I was interesting and one of his first because it can turn into a migranal disorder he wanted to try Topmax or what I call dopamax because you get dopy. it's funny with the diagnosis in hand I still the same old you are lactose intolerant and a script for there favorite acid reducer. Some doctors believe just because the never heard of a disorder that it doesn't exist.

Do you IBS 1 or IBS 2? It sounds like you have IBS 1 like me. For those who don't know people with IBS 1 constantly have the ****. And, I also get the stomach problems like I can feel it grumble and gas move through, and if I don't feed it gets mad at me and it starts to hurt real bad, anything solid I eat goes straight through me.

The solution. Its simple OPIODS/OPIATES. The consequence addiction but probably not since the most you will get is a low dose of codeine or some darvocet maybe but I doubt you will even get that unless you plead, some people don't know how annoying of a problem this is and they think it will just go away and it wont. There is also a special opiate I think is FDA approved for IBS so you might get that one if you ask and the doc has prescribed it before. Also, if it not that bad of a case taking some immodium in large amounts will help, it's an opiate but does not cross the blood brain barrier. What opiates do is make you gut lazy since the MU opiate receptor reside in your stomach. What I believe IBS is an overactive tummy or a nervous tummy. So relaxing a nervous tummy with opiate works it almost magic at first, the noises, the pain, the distress goes away the first day, but then the exact opposite occurs and you get constipation to the max. I was once on methadone and then suboxone, and in the hospital I did not go for 7 days in a row, they were giving me laxatives at first but they were not working then some lady comes in and stopped it because she said that your body gets addicted to laxative.. i did not even go! on the eiight or ninth day still not having went and because of that my amonia levels were going sky high, and then they ordered a colonoscopy which you can get seriously hurt if there is poop in you because they can poke you and make you bleed. The made me take go-lightly I don't know about that but its something no to take lightly if any one ever had to take the know what I mean. They gave me 2 gallons of that sick sick stuff I was drinking but I did not know I was being timed and someone came and told me I had half hour to drink it all and I only drank half or less and I still did not go at all. Most people they say of ****ting and puking at the same time. I was drinking that stuff like no other I dont know how I did it but at the end i puked it all up..first time i puked on zofran. Because i was still not going they had to stick a garden tube up my but and fill me with water until I made a mess. I am a guy and never had a foreign object up my rear and never planned on it. It was so degrading to have a nigeran woman who could barley speak english tell me to take it like a man and bend me over. I was so weak I could not object. But, I knew there was a male nurse soon to come on the next shift and i started to freak out. finally some kind woman told me I could do it myself but most patient prefer others to do it..what are they sickos. Anyways I get carried away too easy. I ended up having to do that water thing where you squeeze your cheeks until you can't take it anymore about 30 times. When I had the test it came back normal but they said I was still consitipated!

I don't know why I shared all that I am just saying opiates are magic for IBS but too much you go the other direction. PM me if you need help with meds.
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Re: IBS please help

Years ago, they gave my mom antispasmodic drugs and put her on a very strict, high-fibre diet. I don't know exactly how the drugs worked, but they were supposed to calm down her GI tract so it could start to recover. After a while she was able to wean herself off the antispasmodics, albeit very slowly. Even after that, she kept some of the pills in her purse just in case. Now she manages by eating no dairy except for yogurt and eating a ton of fibre.
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Re: IBS please help

Unfortunatley, I can't really help but I can relate to how you feel. I've had some kind of a digestive problem for 2 years now, gradually got worse and now it keeps me homebound. My diet is so very limited. I mostly only eat noodles, some veggies, bread and lean meat and can only drink mostly water. Everything else bothers me. At times I think the SA that I have is the secondary disorder of mine and not digestive problems. It's terrible. Sometimes I just think....maybe my social anxiety went away kind of once I got something like IBS, because I think if I didn't have this problem I would get out more and do things, but I can't even do that. I would probably notice anxiety more about social situations if I didn't have the digestive problems though. I also have other fears...so to some degree everything wrong with me keeps me inside. It's not fair!! I'm never going to the doctor about this problem though, too scared and I hate pills, so I wouldn't try that if there was something. All I can do is...stay home, and get sooo sick of the same old food all of the time and feel a bit depressed. Sometime's im dieing to have fruit, oatmeal, cookies, cheese, icecream, peanut butter, pancakes with blueberries on top and orange juice!! Sorry lol. All I can do is dream about good food. I'm probably seriously lacking vitamins because of my diet.
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Re: IBS please help

I get stomach upset everyday it's really draining. I tried over the counter medicine and yeah like killatay said it went the other way. I didn't used to get it so badly but I'd throw up everyday so it's just changed around. I have so much trouble eating because it nauseates me most of the time. I've tried things like cutting out caffeine but I don't think it helps at all it's ridiculous it's not from food sensetivities it's from feeling anxious all the time, I know that, it's obvious. I don't know what to tell you.
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Re: IBS please help

IBS sufferers,

You might find some helpful information on this website and on its forum.


I was active on this forum about 8-10 years ago. At that time, I was also active on their Fibromyalgia forum.

Like Delicate, I now believe it is primarily caused by feeling anxious all the time. After escaping a 30+ year marriage that was NOT "made in heaven", my situation improved tremendously!

Good luck to all of you.
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Re: IBS please help

Thank you so much for the answers!
The link you posted has already been really helpful, thank you Ms Deer.
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Re: IBS please help

Is there anything that can be done to help... properly help I mean? I might go to the doctor and explain how bad it is. I feel SO ill everyday it's exhausting. I feel sort of disgusting.
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Re: IBS please help

I'm afraid my daughter may have this, I have to run this by her Dr.

She has such severe stomach pains, then constipation, diarrhea.

We went through a bought where she would plug up the toilet (wasn't her fault the systems) but that caused her embarrassment.

Today she had diarrhea at school, her stomach hurt, and she was to shy to say she had to go to the bathroom, they had to call me, my poor baby.

The secretary called me "Her stomach is hurting as it has everyday" that irked me, we've been taking her to the doctors and such, we can only do what we can.

I also know she's has fear at school, they lost her once, then left her on the bus (yes M, they got an earful) so some of this might be stressed induced.

Mental illness is what some have, not who they are.
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Re: IBS please help

Try a diet change, Simethicone, and Loperamide HCl.

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