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Does anyone here suffer from IBS? If yes, do you think its caused from S.A.D and did anything help?
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Oh, the dreaded IBS topic again...

Yeah I deal with that from time to time. I do think part of it is linked to anxiety, the rest is just an oversensitive digestive system. High stress also seems to trigger it in me sometimes too.

I've been working on my anxiety issues and watching what i eat. It doesn't eliminate it complety, but it does reduce the chances of me suffering from it.
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I deal with this from time to time also. I've also adjusted my diet, use supplimentary digestive enzymes when I know that I'll be eating things that usually don't work for me and this seems to keep it mostly at bay. It is triggered by severe anxiety too so I'm working on that end of things too.
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rolaids seem to help a little. Also, when I cut down on dairy it helps.
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Yep. It's definitely mostly related to my anxiety and depression. But I'm also mildly lactose intolerant and have to be careful how much/what kind of dairy products I consume. I avoid milk, certain types of cheeses, and all ice cream except chocolate (something in the chocolate offsets and mitigates the lactose effect).
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