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I'm not welcome in my own home?

So here's the situation: I'm home from uni during the summer and as always my parents expect me to work and not just stay at home, which is fine and all but the thing is I really don't feel like I can work. In addition to SA I've got a ton of other stuff going on and I'm exhausted all the time and need a break.

When I do manage to find work it's really hard to get and I end up with something that either has hours so long I can't mentally handle it (last year I literally walked right out in the middle of a shift mid-anxiety attack and had to quit afterwards), or it's something that requires a lot of interaction with people and I end up getting fired because I'm practically incapable of doing what's expected of me.

I'm also only getting jobs because my parents won't leave me alone if I don't. My mom has accused me of mooching and is threatening to kick me out. She's mad that I'm eating the food and watching the TV and general doesn't like anything I'm doing. I've tried to explain to my parents that working is really hard for me but they won't listen. They'll accept me working and nothing else. But I can't stand it. I just finished talking myself out of jumping in front of a train because this literally makes me want to die. It's not my fault, I'm not lazy, I'm just exhausted and can't handle working.

How do I get through to my parents? If I don't find a way to get them to understand I'm going to go crazy.
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See if you can find a part time job that only requires 10-15 hours a week. What jobs have you tried?

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I hear you on this one. Similar situation after high school when I fell into a rut and didn't know what to do with myself. Parents didn't understand, thought I was lazy and out of frustration they decided to give me an ultimatum of working or getting kicked out.

Funny enough stubbornness and anger (and some luck) overshadowed my anxiety for a bit and I did what I had to do to support/move out myself a few months later.

If all they want is work, just find the easiest part time job you can. Lots of places only require a few days a week and only a few hours.

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