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I feel like i talk too much....

I bumped into an old friend yesterday whilist out shopping (this chick was my best friend for about 4 years in highschool... but we drifted apart cos thats life i guess) Anyway, i was telling her about my probs at work.. i probably shouldnt have gone into too much detail but i feel like once i start i cant stop. She sorta looked bored/annoyed.... I remember seeing her at my informal highschool reunion... I told a funny story about me and her to her bf. All she did was laugh and say "Well, thats mel. Shes weird"

Sort of hurt my feelings. She used to be weird too, but then she decided to become boring and normal. LAME.
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Yeah, sometimes if I'm feeling somewhat comfortable with someone I can talk to them about things for hours, almost becomes a sort of mild mania. I'd usually cut it short if they seemed bored or uninterested, thing that really annoys me is when people close up on you or give you vague answers.
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I like having someone who can talk a lot around me. If everyone is quite I get nervous then I will start randomly talking too much. And nobody wants that lol.
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Luckily she is not your friend anymore.

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Sometimes I do when I'm nervous.
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