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Originally Posted by KILOBRAVO View Post
Lol. Im Glad that coronation Street or Emmerdale farm was factually educational for once . And they never assume bi either. It's always gay even still in complete lack of evidence of any same-sex attraction or any signs whatsoever. It's like no sexual history = deffo gay.

It's illogical. Altho I'm.saying this and as far as I know there's never been any assumptions about me other than straight. Unless people have really crap acedar opposed to gaydar.
You can get people to assume bi but due to there being less of a bisexual culture and less cultural signifiers it's less likely to work. See this handy instructional guide (timestamped):



It's basically all the same stereotypes associated with being genderqueer though and with being an on-screen villain. In fact many villains are indeed bisexual. Loki, Villanelle,

Bryan Fuller said Hannibal is pansexual/omnisexual.
It's a bit messed up but I know it's because bisexuality correlates with certain psychological traits in real life.

Having said that it's only really possible most of the time to be assumed queer if you're male. Or well people won't make assumptions based on expression they'll just comment on how you come across but assume little about your sexuality unless it's much less ambiguous.

I think only really conservative people will assume that you're gay just because you've been single a long time, people usually need more material before assuming someone is gay. Also depends on how much you talk about dating/sex and with who I imagine despite being single.

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First off , that doesn't make you a deviant or weird. Or mentally ill for that matter. You might feel slight inadequate because your desires are in juxtaposition with what the media and consumerism tell you.

In reality all they are doing is taking primal desires , sex in this case, to make you think that if you buy their product or service you will be gratified with sex itself which will lead you to happiness and admiration by others.

You're free to buy into that if you wish. You're also free to live your life however you wish. The question then becomes are you comfortable with yourself as you are? Do you feel that the lack of sex drive is something that bothers you deep inside or is it something that you think you need because society tells you so?

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I guess it doesn't matter if it's considered normal. What matters is you being OK with it. But there'll always be drawbacks.

It also means you're less likely a creep which is good.
Originally Posted by KILOBRAVO View Post
But if it is asexuality, i hate it. I think it's the worst orientation you could get. It instantly removes you from 99% of any dating pool because any sexual person is going to see your lack of interest as a deal breaker. It's a great orientation to help ensure you are alone forever.
Yah, sometimes I feel bad for asexuals 'cause this seems to be true for most sexual people, and they're the vast majority.
Originally Posted by Kamikaze View Post
Some people really shouldn’t have kids anyway.
Originally Posted by Kamikaze View Post
If you are unstable, please don’t bring a child into your mess of a life.
So true. No one will stop them though. Kinda makes me think our species won't last much longer sometimes. But that's OK 'cause we're taking most other species with us. Yay.
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