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I was looking for reasons why I can't cry anymore too. I'm just guessing that I have come to the point where I don't care enough about myself to cry about things that are hurting me. I cried for the first time in over 6 months last weekend when I was drunk and someone insulted me about something I hate about myself. It was horrible, it's like it opened a pandoras box to a world of self-hatred. After a while of not being able to let those emotions out through tears, they just build up and when the tears come out, so does all the reminders of why you are depressed... I don't want to cry anymore because I feel like it will make me feel worse... at the same time though, I feel less and less human the longer it stays inside of me. I just can't cry though. If you really want to cry, I advise alcohol. Just don't drink too much, you don't want to be a depressed alcoholic. Good luck, and I hope you can find a healthy outlet eventually.
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Originally Posted by Bivsy View Post
I can't cry at all. I haven't cried since my mom up and left about a half of a year ago. She just left me she didn't die she didnt say I need to leave, she just left. I had a strong relationship with her. I also didn't cry when I got in a car accident and burnt down a house. I use to cry when i was little but i had a lot of abuse and mental scaring from my parents and brother. I had abuse from step parents and all was hard on me as a child. I was in a spot recently hanging out with a friend of mine who knows my struggles and she brought up somethings that I have had troubles with for a long time but.... Nothing. I had no feelings. I have no feeling just anger sometimes. I want to cry i want to feel again. Please don't judge me, I need honest people with honest answers. I need to know if anyone has had the same problems
Did you intentionally burn down a house?
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On my own I cry for many things. But I may have difficulty crying in public due to social inhibition.
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Only cried once in 10 years, when my dog died.

I can't cry anymore either, I've become too apathetic to everything.
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I can relate.

When I was 19, I left my then girlfriend in D.C. to fly back to the UK. I made an ABSOLUTE idiot of myself on the plane, cried like a baby all the way home. It was a night flight so I'm pretty sure many people were woken by the racket, but thankfully nothing bad happened on the outside. The cabin crew kept me topped up with wine the whole way (coincidentally this was the first time I ever really got drunk).

Inside I was dying, it was a feeling akin to grief. When the crying eventually stopped I was dead to the world for a year, and in that time I didn't shed a single tear. Today the proverbial well is still to be replenished.
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I have had this in the past. I had no emotion. It's terrible
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[QUOTE=Awwilson91;1086545729] I feel numbness at best, simply nothing, sorrow at worst, as if the wold is conspiring against me....

I feel like I won't be able to really feel anything again, I feel like a living simulation;I look around but I can't really see, I'm tired of this I wanna cry again. The comments impressed me all of us have different problems some has traumatic family issues, some have depression or bipolar, some burns down houses...... but we all cannot cry..
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I have kind of the same problem. The difference is that I suffer a lot of anxiety and not so much depression, and that I have cried very little in my life. Not because I didn't need to, but because I always thought I was tougher than I really was, and always ate all the problems and kept them to my self, not letting them be alleviated by cry. Therefore my problems built in top of each other and I felt like my crying capabilities became blocked. Like I couldn't feel anything other than an impersonal suffering so big that crying wouldn't even help. I don't know. Right now I feel like crying would help me, but like you, I am just not able to do so.

I think I know what's important to me. I just cannot help making important what I know is not.
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