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After a bad marijuana trip, I had derealization for a few days. I finally "recovered"... but yesterday I relapsed. I'm so tired of this.

I believe it will go away...
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This happened when I used to smoke a lot of weed and then quit. It took me months to get over it. I would look in the mirror and not believe that it was me. I would look at my hands and not think that they were actually my hands. Everything looked different, the trees, night time how I perceived everything. It was one of the darkest times in my life. It really isn't a fun thing and I'm so happy that I've moved on from it because it was very scary.

Life has a totally different outlook now to say the least.
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If you think marijuana makes things look different, try mushrooms. Mushrooms literally changed the way I perceive reality for the rest of my life. Usually it's not noticeable but once in a while I will be outside looking at a tree or something and feel very similar to when I was shrooming, the tree will look alive in a way and all the concrete around it will look so foreign and insane. After taking mushrooms you feel like society has gone completely insane ruining the earth and you feel extremely connected to nature, it's almost as if I can perceive life the way the people that live in tribes in the rainforest do that have never seen civilization.

Not only that but when you are shrooming and a few days afterwards you feel like everything you have been told about life is a lie, and your ego and image of yourself is a completel illusion. It's kind of like mushrooms connect you to who you are as a natural being and shows you all the BS that society has burdened you with.
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I'm pretty sure I've had this. Just two week ago or so, I remember feeling high. I just felt full of energy, and I stayed up for three days straight, and then suddenly I had this described feeling. I remember I was talking to my friend, and then he looked down on the floor, and it kind of felt like my mind snapped. All of a sudden it felt like nothing mattered, and that nothing existed. I felt like I didn't exist. It was a bit of a disturbing feeling. I told everybody there that I had to leave.

As I walked home, I just remember thinking that, we're all animals pretty much, in the sense that we're living organisms. Aside from physical differences and inelligence, I felt I was no different from the pidgeon on the sidewalk. it seemed like I was experiancg the world for the first time. Nothing really made sense anymore, I just found everything to be rediculous. Probably the worst feeling was the feeling that I had complete freedom. I could seriously hurt myself, and no one would really be able to stop me. Thankfully, I made it home without doing anything like that

I went home, tried to watch tv, but I saw some disturbing images on the tv that I know weren't there. AT that point I just went to my room, grabbed my teddy and hugged him in the fetal position until I got to sleep.

One word to describe the experiance would be disturbing. My emotions seemed confsed, I couldn't tell you if I was sad, scared, or angry, because I just don't know. It was like a mix of all the negative emotions of the human spectrum.

I was supposed to see my therapist and psychiatrist last week about it, but couldn't because of the flu. Now I won't be able to see them till friday. It's happened a few times since, but not nearly as badly. Any ideas? Because alot of what happened to me sounds like this, but some things I experianced, haven't been described by others.
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Originally Posted by polythene View Post
I think I could probably deal with everything else I'm struggling with if I didn't have to cope with derealization as well.
Yeah. It changes your whole existence.
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I used to get this a lot. I still get it on and off sometimes and it weirds me out everytime.
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its either derealization or depersonalisation, i get this too sometimes and i dont like it
i think i heard it can come from sad
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Originally Posted by lde22 View Post
I feel like this sometimes. When I do, I get this scary feeling that my life isn't real, like my whole life is just someones dream or something. Or sometimes I feel like I am an alien from a different dimension or planet or something. I just feel like I have no sense of reality and no connection with people.

this is how i always feel
super detached like my life is a dream or a computer program

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I've felt it before, I can make myself feel it again sometimes when I get lost in my thoughts.

Allows me to see how ridiculously pointless life is, but gives me confidence to move on.

It feels kind of spiritual tbh. Everything feels like a dream, and questions come into my mind like: how am I seeing/touching/hearing the world through this body and not another?

Probally made no sense, hard to put my mind into words

"Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one"
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I have experienced this directed at myself and my own existence, but also towards physical objects around me. Like I can look at a street of houses and it will not make any sense. The structure of the buildings and the fact that there are houses. It is a weird feeling.
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I feel like this sometimes. It's a depressing feeling.
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