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I don't know why I did this, probably to procrastinate more, but 77. Should be higher though, like 86 or 91 at least.

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4.12.2015 - 46
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pls don't eat bats, thnx
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todays result
You scored a total of 64

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OMG this is the apex of stupidity. Everyone's brain is different and what might indicate high depression for someone my be mild for someone else. Also just asking yourself this question: "How depressed are you?" on this forum makes me laugh. The more you ask yourself and the more you label yourself, the worse it will get. It reminds me of a scene in a movie I forgot the name of where this creepy killer guy did something evil to someone and then walks up to them and keeps saying: "How do you FEEL?"
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Well I felt like doing this test because today I really would like to do stupid things with myself and this could help me pretend I am doing something to organize my life with some questions about my how some situations feel like..

54... and I don't feel so worried anymore x)
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75 - severe depression
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Ah what a perfect timing for me, let me see here.... "You scored a total of 28
Mild/moderate depression." Nope, sounds wrong and even the questions they ask have a mix of anxiety and bipolar in there, ****ing! Like I told the psychiatrist I was up and down last week but this week I am just up! I don't know how long this is going to last because boners like this usually don't end up well.
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I got 52 but I do not think this test is very accurate because I was feeling hyper while I was taking it, and still got a 52. makes no sense.

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