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My step-mother is not an out and out hoarder but she has tendencies..... She has tons of clothes, most bought for cheap. Many identical items but in different sizes since she goes from chubby to fat to very fat in cycles. I think she also has so many clothes because she forgets what she has or can't find it, so she buys the same one. My dad says that she doesn't wash her clothes much because supposedly a lot of it needs to be hand washed. So her closets smell funky. Occasionally she would hand wash something (large, sexy undies half the time) but leave it to soak in the bathroom sink. So gross! So me and my sister would just wash our hands over that after taking craps. My dad likes to tell us how when she leaves the house alone (very rare), he will stuff trash bags full of her clothes and throw them out. She apparently doesn't even notice. Her favorite clothing store is H&M. I think if my dad were not around it might turn into a true hoarding situation.

When my dad first started dating her (she was 60 at the time), we got to see how she kept house when we moved into her 1 bedroom apartment. It's not like we had high standards or anything. Our house was never all that clean but things were generally put in their proper place. No one scrubbed, dusted, or vacuumed much.

Her car was trashed. Mess all over and various food stains. The drawers of her kitchen and bathroom were completely disorganized. Like normally you put a certain type of item in on drawer, right? She would have food items mixed in with pens, business cards, soap, all sorts of crap. She also steals stuff, including paper towels from public bathrooms. So you find 100s of hotel soaps, hotel shampoos/conditioners, towels, condiments from restaurants.

When I was a teenager I also had a friend (she unfortunately got leukemia and died at age 17) whose house was pretty bad. Her family was religious and there were I think 4 girls and one boy. The upstairs addition (bedrooms) to the house was fine and relatively new. The dad had built it. The downstairs was a mess. Huge piles of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. Dirty, nasty furniture. You couldn't come in through the front door. Numerous cats were crapping all over the place. And I remember a corner of a box coming through a hole in the ceiling. The mother wasn't working but supposedly she had MS, so she didn't have the energy to keep up with the housework.

I've been watching those hoarding TV shows lately and it just sort of reminded me of this family. Pets crapping all over, mother not working but too tired to take care of things because of some invisible illness (chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia or whatever). And what amazed me is that the dad would come home with McDonald's food for the entire family pretty often. My dad was way too cheap to splurge for that more than once a week and we were only a family of 4. I notice on the hoarders show that they love pizza and fast food. I guess if you can't use the kitchen...it makes sense. And if you can't get the motivation to clean then you probably can't be motivated to cook either.
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