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"Hoarders" TV Show

Has anyone watched the A&E show "Hoarders"? It's from the network which produces the similarly feel-bad shows "Intervention" and "Obsessed" (although I believe the latter was replaced with "Hoarders"). This show profiles people who have problems with saving what would commonly be called "junk" and allowing it to pile up in their homes until they often face eviction. One woman even saved rotting food. Organizers come in and help the people to get rid of their junk and the goal is to ultimately change their hoarding behavior.

I get a "depressed/cathartic" reaction from watching "Intervention" but it's hard for me to relate to some of the stuff on that show because I'm not a drug addict. I do, however, have a few hoarding tendencies and this makes the people on "Hoarders" more identifiable. Does anyone else have hoarding tendencies or are you a full-blown hoarder?

I do not go out and buy stuff to hoard it like some of those profiled on the show. Rather, I often save stuff that would be considered junk because it has a slight sentimental value to me or it reminds me of a better time of life in the past. I can't throw out a greeting card. If I like the design on wrapping paper, I'll sometimes rip off a piece and save it. Sometimes I save old newspaper sections or circulars (not whole newspapers, just sections or clipped articles) which I recall reading back when the newspaper was new, in a better time. For organizing and space purposes, I recently went through my apartment storage locker and threw out a whole bunch of them but can't bring myself to throw out some stuff from 1999 or before because '99 was when I moved into my first and current apartment and, although it was a very stressful and weird time, it was better than these current barren times. I also can't bring myself to throw out a TV Guide. I stopped getting them in '01 but for a few years before that, I bought them regularly. I have a whole bunch in boxes in my locker. Perhaps the most odd thing I save are old shoes. I'm not a fashion guru and usually only wear one pair of shoes at a time. I walk a lot and wear them until they're completely worn down. For some reason I can't throw them out and they're in a box in my closet. My reasoning, such as it is, is that I spent a lot of time in those shoes and they supported me well, so I should save them. It's more sentimentality.

I don't view these behaviors as much of a problem except for the fact that my apartment is very tiny. A person should be allowed to save something that has sentimental value. But in watching this show I can definitely relate to some of the problems these extreme hoarders face. I'd recommend it.
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Sorry, I can't relate to hoarding behavior because I'm the complete opposite. I do, however, live with my brother who collects crap, garbage, junk (my terms, not his). His bedroom is full of bags of stuff that he can't live without and his vehicle is basically a homeless person's shopping cart with an engine. It drives me absolutely nuts because I'm as bad as he is in the other direction (OCD Throw It All Away Now behavior)'

Someone once told me that there are two types of people in the world - those who save stuff and those who want to throw it all away. I've seen many examples of both types living in the same house like we do and it's a no-win situation.

BTW I have seen the show and I like it. Also, I come from a dysfunctional background so I can relate to pretty much everything on Intervention and Obsessed too .
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I'm a hoarder and I find that show makes me feel so much better about myself. Take last night's episode for example. I think they found something in the range of 70+ cats (both alive & dead) in her home. I may have piles of paper, but I can honestly say that there is nothing dead in my place.
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My parents, especially my dad, are hoarders to a certain extent. Both were very poor growing up and now as successful independent business owners feel the need to collect, buy, and save just about anything they can. I personally can't stand clutter and having more than I absolutely need which I think is a result of having to put up with my parent's clutter for so many years. I try to stick to the if "if I haven't used in the past six months I don't need it" mentality. I mean, their stuff isn't junk, it's just too much. I do feel better about their situation when I watch "Hoarders" on TV.
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some what, actually i can throw stuff out, i don't have to keep things, but i tend to hold on to things for sentimental reason as you suggested.
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I live with hoarders

I live with two hoarders. One being a major hoarder. What I see on that tv show, I think, wow, some of those hoarder's houses etc look like mine! My garage...can't even set a foot in it. It's packed top to bottom with junk, which belongs to my uncle J. His room is full of junk too, I don't know how he lives like that in his room...also the whole closed porch is filled. Another uncle of mine who lives in the basement has a ton of junk too, but he's not like my uncle J. J always keeps on collecting stuff, he goes to thrift stores and places like that a lot. I also know someone else who lives a couple blocks away whose whole house is filled. It's stressful.
As for myself, I don't think I consider myself a hoarder. But I do like to save things sometimes. A few weeks ago, my sis told me "you are going to end up like J one day!" and I was like "NO I am not, I am not a hoarder!" My room was messy at the time with papers and books all around...my sis is a neat freak.
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My mom's a hoarder
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I have seen it. I think it is a pretty depressing show. I can't relate because I like to keep things clean. Sometimes, I watch "intervention", too. They're both depressing, though. If there was something more interesting on, I wouldn't watch them.
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I'm totally addicted to the show. My mom and grandmother are hoarders. It makes me both feel utterly helpless and hopeful at exactly the same time.

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I finally saw this show earlier today.
I don't really relate to it (hoarding) much, but a little of it did make me sad. Like the episode with the boy who is 21 and wishes he was more outgoing and had more fun and not always in the house, disappointing his parents and such.
That hit home a lot.
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Intervention and Obsessed are pretty much the only shows that I have to watch each week. I really liked Obsessed, alot more than Hoarders, so I hope they didn't cancel it. I can really relate to the people on Obsessed, but not so much with those on Hoarders.

All glory to the Hypnotoad!
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Yeah, A&E is definitely in the "depressing show" business at the moment. I didn't like "Obsessed" very much because of the way it was edited with a lot of cuts and special camera effects. Even more than on "Intervention" I felt that the participants were playing up their problems to the camera. "Hoarders", however, feels more genuine than either of those shows.

I actually worked with a guy who was profiled on "Intervention". He was addicted to DXM found in cold medicines. When he started working with us he was in a program but after he was released from it a few months later he started using again and showed up intoxicated and doing weird stuff. He was let go and then became part of the show and actually showed up at our work wanting to film inside but we couldn't give permission.

I missed "Hoarders" yesterday; will have to catch it on the internet.
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Seen the show and was fascinated by it. I'm not a hoarder and I don't know anyone who is. I do tend to let papers pile up too much but I'll usually go through them and toss them in the recycle bin after awhile.
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Hoarding runs on my mom's side of the family. The older people from that family get the more stuff they store and eventually just fail to use a garbage can if allowed. I've had to clean out from older relatives having passed away or moving to smaller places where they can't really take anything with. Even the stuff that one time was worth something has gone to trash from lack of care. I see my mom starting it now too. First she filled the closets, then she filled some excess rooms downstairs, then she built an area above the garage and filled that, then we moved out and she filled my old room, I sold my horses and she's gotten 3 horse stalls (12x12' each) in to the stable so far. I am similar to my grandma who saw what everyone was doing and would just start correcting the other way pitching and selling everything. I consider if I will use it in the next year, 2years, 5years depending how hard it is to replace and at more than 5years I don't keep hardly anything. Then I consider if I will sell it in the next 4month, 6months, 1year depending what it's worth and no matter what it's worth trash it if it's going to sit longer.

My greatest point is my persistence.
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