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Hair cutting

I first started doing this sometime in 2012 after a haircut, probably at a new place. After the haircut, I would feel around the edges for uneven strands and cut them off myself. I don't remember how long I did this for the first time, if it lasted weeks or months.

Ever since, I get that sensation after getting a haircut. I think after that first time it wasn't so bad, like I would only be cutting excess strands for a few days or so and then manage to stop.

I don't even remember when my last haircut was. This is definitely the most I've ever cut myself, to the point that I'd been sneaking in cuts at work and a coworker asked me if I had just gotten a haircut, and my dad also thought I had gotten a haircut. It's not about how it looks, but how it feels (though it probably looks pretty jagged). Also if I cut on one side, I'd want to cut on the other side because of the sensation it gives, and trying to make everything feel even. But of course cutting more makes it worse.

Anyway, a few days ago, I told myself I'd stop for the new year, whatever last few snips I got in would be the last and I'd just stick with whatever I ended up with until it grows out again. Unfortunately I didn't stick to this, but there's always tomorrow.

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grows tooo assstt

major haircut each 2 weeks

girlfriend's sister cut mine at home, only once, for 5. she has a salon

i got my own tools
i make a mess

not about money. speed.

when returning to usual town centre salon

owner likes me as a big customer. he said once: i have strong hair
that's right. beard jawline the tuffest to remove

all keeps growwinngg
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I do my own with a hair trimmer. I'm at it for a couple of hours each time so I get it pretty even. no hair dresser is gonna get it that even in the time they have.

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It sounds like a weird form of trichotillomania, most people just pull out/feel their hair but I guess you've incorporated cutting hair into it.

There are two models for trichotillomania one is that it's an OCD-like disorder the other that it functions more like an addiction what you described sounds more like the addiction model like you become fixated with the feeling which you enjoy, and can't stop (though there does seem to be some OCD like component for you as well in that you then want to cut again to make it look even.) So, I have a bunch of these things like with hair (specific textures of certain strands,) and skin picking but they tend to move around over the years for me. One thing that should help is keeping yourself occupied but you also should try and replace the action with something else less destructive (if you don't you will probably end up doing something else to replace it with anyway.)

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I also could cut my hair after a haircut if I thought there was something wrong with it. I got a haircut last year and it seemed that it didn't go away yet how she cut it so that it would stick up or that one side later would stick up while the other side is ok, but I recall having haircuts before and it wasn't like that so I didn't do anything about it of course. Sorry to hear you have this problem, it does sound like OCD, but if it's a realistic OCD then hopefully you'll find a better haircutter!
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Some people if they feel.out of controll or really depressed or anxious shave all their hair off to bald or go crazy with scissors. I think it's a form of stress release. I suppose it's like a form of minor self harm. I think also the fact that it changed their appearance temporarily helps them feel like maybe they're a different person temporarily, and this equates to them trying to feel like they're leaving their problems with this other person/identity. Maybe it makes them feel like they've gained control.

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Hello, well, maybe try to haircut yourself. You can buy cutting machine and do a buzzcut or even get a very short buzzcut and go almost bald XD When I get bored with my haircut, I cut it completely.
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Thanks for everyone's replies. I managed to go the whole day with only one snip, though I kept touching the tips and feeling for the unevenness.

As for what this is, I don't feel like it's related to trichotillomania. On the other hand, I do also skin-pick on scabs, peel off skin from my lips, and bite my nails if I don't have a nail cutter with me when the urge comes.

I also used to self harm, but the hair cutting doesn't harm me at all physically, as opposed to all those other things. It's more of just annoying and occasionally driving me crazy from the need to keep cutting. The worst thing is maybe getting dizzy from stooping down for long periods over the trash can, and I only feel discomfort from that.

On my hair cuts - my mom cuts my hair now, and she just read a book one day and bought basic supplies. I'm not sure if she was the one who cut my hair the first time in 2012, but I've also sometimes gotten paid haircuts since then, and I remember still finding uneven strands regardless. As for going completely bald or super short, I think I would feel too exposed, as I like having hair to hide behind and protect me.

Anyway, I do think I'll be able to stop, especially since I managed to make it through the day without indulging too much. I just posted here to kind of give me more motivation to kill this habit.

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