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Going off meds cold turkey

Hi I am new here just joined. I have been on cipralex for 7 or so years. Innova gave out free cards so you could get your meds free for the month. Here in Canada the meds are approx. 72.00 for 30 tabs. Well to make a long story short, they came out with these plastic permanent cards which have on them innova cares, sure they do they cover only 1.16 or 1.61 the price between generic and cipralex. Can't afford it so I had to quite cold turkey, don't do it save your nickels and dimes, I ended up at emerg. Last week, I had called everyone I knew to say good bye to them, had to see 3diffrent people before I could go home, had an appoint with a mental health specialist. I can't sleep, have this light headed feeling I look terrible. So, please,tell me I'm not the only one in this situation. Thanks!
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Ummm... I know in the US, meds that you're supposed to take routinely specifically say, "do not stop taking this medication without first consulting your physician" ... Sorry this happened to you and I hope you're feeling better :-/
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I'm really sorry that happened to you, it's pretty hard on your brain and body going cold turkey like that. Is there any reason why you didn't taper off the medication?

I can relate to going cold turkey off SSRI meds, it left me feeling totally messed up. I thought I could just stop and feel OK, big mistake & it took me quite some time before I felt 'normal' again (not that I think I'm normal now by any means! )

Hang in there and keep reaching out for support!

Just breathe.
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I've never taken meds and don't ever plan to.
I'd imagine though cutting them off from your life that quick can be hard as these pharmaceutical drugs are addictive and we really don't understand them fully (so why are we using them.?.)
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