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Food Fears

This is something I think is related to my S.A.

Im a major fussy eater. I almost dont trust others when it comes to food.

Id eat food I cook (selected stuff only really, the basics) and what family I live with cook but when it comes to eating something someone else is cooking at their I get very skeptical especially if I dont know them.

For example, last weekend I was having a meal at the girlfriends house with her parents, I barely know them so already it was nerve racking and I felt really panicky eating at the table with her mum, dad and 2 brothers, but it kept going through my mind... the thoughts about the food... It was only chips and a slice of pizza but I kept feeling sick thinking "I havent seen the packaging, what if the pizza has bbq sauce that I hate or what if some of its out of date...."

Unless its either from a controlled place (fast food restaurant or chip shop) or cooked by myself or a family member I cant help but get them thoughts that the food isnt what I like or out of date so I feel worse
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I have this too but in my case it's related to my OCD. I obsess about getting ill especially so I do not trust many foods. I will not each chicken unless it is cooked by someone I trust, and if someone says something about the food, like questioning if it's cooked properly or if it tastes different I will not eat it.

You have to be careful because this could develop into an eating disorder.
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Sounds like an OCD thing like Meeve said, rather than an SA thing. The thought that the food is somehow contaminated or undercooked would be the obsession, the act of avoiding eating it would be the compulsion. The best way to break that cycle is to ignore the obsessive thoughts and eat the food anyway.

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I have OCD this happens to me alot I always get scared I might get sick or think what if the food is out of date or what if they poisoned my food we just have to think positively and see that no one else is getting sick it's just all in our head it's very hard to stop these thoughts but we have to keep trying dw ur not alone
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