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Extreme Mood Swings

I'm not sure if its linked to SA, so I was wondering if anybody else has these. For the past couple months I've been going through extremes of four emotions: depression, anger, happiness, indifference. Its kind of become on ongoing cycle.

I'll go into this depressive state. My mind focuses on my faults, loneliness, and no hope for my future. I become lazy and tired. I close up and kind of avoid everyone. It usually lasts a couple days, and then it moves on to anger.

I get angry for feeling that way. I have this hate for how I'm not doing anything to change. I kind of lash this anger out towards people around me. I become jealous, envious, and selfish too. It comes to a point where I just wake up angry in the morning for a couple days.

Then this sense of calmness kind of comes over and I'm just happy. I become more optimistic than usual and nothing seems to worry me. Stress just seems insignificant. I actually try to enjoy life. This stage doesn't seem to last as long as the other three.

After those three stages, I feel empty. I feel like I lack emotion. I no longer care about whats going to happen to me now or in my future. I don't care about other people, even people who matter to me. Then the cycle starts over.

Does anybody know what this? Or how to make stop? I generally like my life. There are things that I know I have to change, but other than that I'm content with it, yet I'm still not able to control these mood swings. Its the same cycle over and over. At first I wasn't even aware of it, but then a friend of mine whom I talk to a lot mentioned it to me. I just want to get it under control, because I know its been effecting people I care about.
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Re: Extreme Mood Swings

maybe try a mood stabilizer

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Re: Extreme Mood Swings

I suggest you look into bipolar disorder. Seems unlikely, but look into borderline personality disorder, too. Remember that you can't diagnose yourself. That is the job of a trained clinician. If you are a university student & can avail yourself of psychological counselling services, then do so. If you're covered by your parents' insurance & you feel comfortable discussing the topic & treatment possibilities w/ them, that would be a good idea, I think.

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