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Trying to stay alive
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I have that problem...
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Everyone loves when you blush though, there is nothing bad about blushing at all. It's a werid thing to be afraid of.

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Hmm I guess I have this problem...
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I've had uncontrollable blushing since I was 16. I'm now 33. It's dominated much of my life but it's also become much more bearable over the years (overall). Now when it happens, as much as I hate it at the time, I'm also more accepting of it afterwards. I still often feel like running away from the situation or hoping the world swallows me up, but nowadays I'm much less harsh on myself for blushing and this really helps with my general mood about life and how to cope with it.

I have also found many things that have helped over the years so hopefully some of these can help some of you who are teens or maybe just starting to experience this?

Propanolol - it's not a cure, but it can really help, in particular for important scenarios which you know you need to attend ie public speaking, job interviews etc. It can especially help if you get nervous tremors and excessive sweating along with the blushing. I've taken it on and off for many, many years now and the side effects are minimal. It can give you low blood pressure though and you should not really take it if you have any history or family history of heart problems. Ask your doctor about Propanolol as a potential helper either way. A word of warning though; I do feel that I have become too reliant on this over the years and I still blush like a beet from time to time, whether i've taken it or not. It seems to only work in scenarios which I am mentally prepared for such as public speaking. The 'surprise' blushes I sometimes get when someone walks into a room and suddenly looks at me are not well-controlled by propanolol. It's also cost a lot of money in prescriptions over the years and who wants to take tablets every work/school day either?

Hypnotherapy - Use this as much as you can. Again, it's not a cure but it can really help. When I first saw a hypnotherapist about my blushing, it was the first real stage in addressing my problem. Talking to him in depth about my problem helped just as much as the hypnotherapy at the time. There's plenty of free hypnotherapy sessions you can access too so don't fall for the money grabbers who seem to be everywhere on the net offering '3 simple step solutions'. Try this free one for example -

Talk to people about your blushing. Most people won't understand, but they will be supportive. If you can tell your boyfriend or girlfriend it will make life so much more bearable for when you have a difficult time blushing. My current girlfriend is the only partner I've ever told about it and she has been such a good support for me as she doesn't judge nor brush it off, but also sees it from the eyes of a non-chronic blusher so she can put it into context. She'll give advice like "don't worry about it, nobody cares if you blush. And if you what? You're there to do a job and that's all they care about, not the colour of your face" Good advice by the way!

Creams - 'fade out' facial redness cream from boots has been a long term 'helper'. Not sure if Boots still sell it as I'm still going through my first bought cream as one tube lasts years. There's similar creams about though i'm sure.

Diet and good sleep. Make sure to drink plenty of cold water during the day. Avoid too much sugary food/drink and definitely avoid alcohol if you can. For YEARS I used alcohol and in excess, to 'help' make me overcome my blushing, thinking of it as a kind of dutch courage, but little did I know it was making my blushing much, much worse. Avoid alcohol too as it will add to the depression you might get from excessive and invasive blushing episodes. Avoid hot drinks especially coffee as cafeine doesn't help either. Try to avoid spicy food especially from capsicum peppers. I know I'm advising you to avoid all of lifes supposed joys, but then you and I know how miserable life can be as a chronic blusher right?! It's about weighing up how much it impacts on your daily life to want to have to make big life changes. Apparently gluten rich foods don't help either. Unsurprisingly, fresh fruit and veggies do help as they are not too acidic. You want a more alkaline diet as a blusher. A solid 7.5 or 9 hour nights' sleep tends to help as well.

Good advice I've also recently found online (including on here) is also to try to put yourself in the situations which make you blush and really try to make the blush worsen instead of try to make it stop. I know from many years of blushing, that the moment I try to stop it, it just gets worse and worse and then I become acutely aware that my body language; one of panic is then actually whats making any subtle blush now really obvious to observers. They most likely did not even notice the initial blush...and they definitely didn't care about it. But when I squirm in my seat or jump up to leave the room unnexpectedly and without explanation, it's then that they look at me oddly, which in turn makes the blush more and the cycle continues. I'm actually making the situation worse without realising. Does this sound familar? Try actually MAKING yourself blush instead. See what happens? I've tried it recently and I literally couldn't make myself blush no matter how hard I tried

I'm currently doing a teaching course of all things, really throwing myself in the deep end in terms of blushing potential. I hope I can finally address my blushing issues head on with the new advice I found online and properly start to accept any blush. I had my first teaching lesson today and as an ice breaker for the students I even brought attention to a cartoon picture of a man who had a red face and I told the students that he looked like me. It got a little laugh and for the rest of the lesson, I'd completely forgotten about my potential for blushing and carried on with the task at hand. It was a scary thing to do but SO worth it. I will keep trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and I really think this is the best way to be with blushing.

...failing that then there's always...

...a new form of ETS out called ESB. This is a non-permanent medical procedure similar to ETS, except they block the nerve instead of cutting it, making it reversible in case of unwanted side effects post treatment. I am considering this down the line as most of my other remedies and 'cures' have been limited or temporary but we'll see how my teaching goes first. This procedure is very new and only offered in Finland and Italy. I'd not take this lightly though and only consider it as a very last resort if your problem has persisted for many, many years (if you are still in your teens or early 20's your blushing will very likely become much less of a problem over time...hang in there!). Still, for any of you chronic blushers out there who have thought about ETS check this out instead -

I will also try iodine as someone else suggested in this thread. Thanks for that one.

Sorry about the long-winded nature of this message, but I hope at least someone can take some useful tips from me.

Just remember you are not alone, and...

...they never notice your blush as much as you do!
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Omg I'm so glad I'm not the only on I have been "blushing" since I was in middle school an I'm about to graduate high school. From me blushing I'm so scared to talk to people in my class or anybody bc either way my face gets bloodshot red and everybodies like "your face is redder then your hair " ? yeah I get that a lot. I just wanna stop it my confidence level is at it's lowest I can't ever ask somebody a question with out it getting red I just want to make it stop ? it's so embarrassing. And everybody points it out and makes it worst that's when I start sweating getting really hot an nervous. Ughh I just want it to go away....
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hey guys im new im 22 and doing ok now but just wanted to share my story i suffered from this since like the 7th grade of middle school It really came out of nowhere I was a social kid the class clown but i remember farting in class and blushing like crazy is where i felt how it started seeing all the girls laughing I tried to play it off and blame it on my friend next to me but nothing major that year but then 8th grade came a long is where it was REALLY bad, I guess I was one of the more "cute" kids a lot of girls would try to talk to me its where it felt like hell. I remember some girls would just randomly talk to me and i would start blushing and i remeber this really cute girl that would always try talk to me she would always tease me about it like omg why are you blushing? and it would make me blush even more and got me traumatized she ended stop talking to me after awhile, girls thought I was weird as hell so i would avoid talking to girls at all cost I started questioning myself on why it would happen but i never told anyone about it because i thought ppl would think im weird I started to get depressed because i felt like i was missing out on girls and not enjoying my life as much as i'd like. I remeber telling my neighborhood friends that summer and they were like wtf they were around my age didn't really understand me. I went from being a sociable funny kid from 7th grade to a really shy kid in 8th most girls stopped talking me and I remeber we had to get two classrooms togheter for some classwork and as we were about to recite the pledge of alliegance i goofed off with my friend and my teacher singled me out and as everyone was seated he told me to stand up and recite the whole thing i felt like running away it was so bad i wanted to die on the spot. I did it but i could feel everyone staring at me laughing at me I felt like such a total loser, that same year last day of school were i felt like i had a lot of friends as everyone was crying giving each other hugs because they were leaving middle school i didn't have one single person come up i got really sad so i just left i walked home by myself. The thing that helped was soccer it was my passion and escape from all my thoughts and worries I also made some really good friends I turned out to be good at it so i felt like as if it was away for an escape so that summer i spent most of my days playing soccer and then High school came along where i felt like things were gonna be a lot worse for me since theres so much more people and a lot of girls would wanna talk to me. and yup things went as i imagined I rarely knew anybody in my classes and most of them knew each other since they all came from the same middle school, i was really quite and shy girls would always ask why i never talked I would mumble idk or say i dont know anybody and they would tell me u can talk to me but i didn't want to for the fear of blushing when talking to them. couple months in I tried to break out of it I started talking to ppl cracking jokes it kind of worked but i would still blush for no reason, then soccer season came along that year is where i felt things get better I would concentrate my thoughts on making varsity or games or getting good grades and became more sociable i got a girlfriend didn't last long but felt like i was doing better i became more well known since i was of the freshmen on the JV team ppl thought i was good felt like it boosted my confidence made new friends. and 9th grade came to an end and that summer for some reason i was really curious about smoking weed i ended up doing it for the first time I got a girlfriend that summer too but didn't last long either i lost focus on the sport of soccer 10th grade came along i felt like i was back to square one I would blush for no reason I started smoking a lot of weed it would make me feel better i stopped doing good in school I was skipping a lot i started going out and drink with some friends i made back in 9th grade. I got my first "serious" girlfriend during that timeframe i actually felt like she was the "one" only because she was a lot more sexual than the rest I had she was more "experienced" we got in fights and a lot of BS for a few months my grades were horrible my parents wanted to switch schools they taught i was hanging with the wrong crowd so me n her officially broke up and I felt soooo devasted a new school and felt like i lost a real gf i got really depressed i was suicidal I met some cool ppl at that school a few girls would approach me and talk to me some girl got a big crush on me but i was sad cus of the brake up i did horrible in that school i literally would do nothing just show up. I couldn't play soccer that year since it was a different school and my new school didn't have a soccer program so it got me even MORE depressed i felt like total **** and my parents picked up on it and knew i was depressed took me to a doc but they referred me to a pyschologist or something like that where it didn't even help he would just ask me questions and i felt really awkward telling him felt like he didn't understand me so i stopped going. so 11th grade came along our city had built a new high school it was now finished i felt like i could change things around after all the weed and beer i felt like i put on a good amount of weight i was always a skinny kid. I got a new gf that year where i felt like she was total nice sweet girl who would do me no harm she went to my old highschool where i first started I would not see her much since my parents thought i was out doing bad, she ended up "cheating" she went to a dance with some other guy i got pissed and broke up i got so depressed i felt worthless i wouldnt even wake up for school i got in a fight with my dad cus he got mad after i woke up late he punched me in the face i ran away they were looking for me so i came back that night and didn't talk to him for like a week. I was rarely even playing soccer anymore i was out partying more drinking and smoking during school hours i got sent to court for truancy but promised to start going so i started going, but i never had the grades, 12th grade comes a long my senior year but i had freshmen credits there was no way i was gonna graduate anytime soon. I put on a good amount of weight i was like 115lbs my freshmen and senior year i was like 160lbs. i was really depressed i would never go to school my parents just dropped me out of school. my depression hit the hardest my friends stopped talking me i saw them graduate i felt worthless like a total loser i felt like i could've gone pro at soccer it all went to **** i started doing cocaine and binge drinking up until i was 19 I went into monk mode i starting going to the gym and reflect back on my bad decisions i felt like it was big learning process for me i lost a lot of weight i felt healthy i started playing soccer more seriously again. this phobia seem to have left the same way it started but i still get really depressed at times but i dont have much of a problem approaching girls anymore well sometimes not gonna lie but better progress I had a job where there was this really hot girl working there i was the only who build up the guts and got her number we stopped talking but i felt proud of making a move on such a hot girl my advice to everyone is to train your brain and yourself slowly take babysteps you can do it guys i took pills for like few months but it never did anything for me so i discontinued them.
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my hypothesis to solve the blushing "problem".

Like many of you, I get red in the face very easily. Just thinking about it will cause it to go red. I think that it gets red because our mind gets stuck in a positive feedback loop of anxiety about redness, which causes more redness, which causes more anxiety, which causes things to spiral out of control. I'm going to try a new technique to slowly get rid of the redness/anxiety problem.

First, for this to work, you have to accept the fact that this problem can be solved. One way the redness/anxiety loop can be broken is to have good experiences with blushing rather than anxious experiences.

I've decided to tell my self "bring it on face. Become as red as possible." I've convinced myself that I want to become red so that I can challenge myself in situations where I'd usually become anxious. I'm going to stay in a situation with a red face until I can lower my anxiety with breathing techniques.

After the anxiety is gone, I will see each situation of redness as a success rather than a failure. Then I will no longer fear becoming red.

This, however, is gonna take some practice so wish me luck!
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Interesting, is it only fear of yourself blushing or fear of others blushing. I think some people have the latter
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I have had this since I was 17, now 37. I have tried so many different things to help. Drugs, therapists, hypnotherapy etc etc. I was prescribed propananol a month ago and this is the first drug that has helped with the anxiety in my chest and stomach that comes with the blushing so things are more bearable in that regard. Trying klonopin now too but might get doc to change that as makes me feel too tired and not much change to the mental anxiety side of things. Will keep you posted if I can get the mix right. Best of luck to all
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I am 26 years old and this is the biggest problem in my life also it has been for More than 10 years. When I first realized I was just 16 or something. I never understand why it was happening at unexpected times and happening. Now it has been killing my life especially since last 2 years during working. It does not allowing me to express my skills, abilities, projects etc. Now it is more and more serious problem in my life and I have to beat it. Starting with this forum should be nice. Than medicine and If won't help maybe surgery. I was thinking that I have social phobia but recently realized that it is just a result of fear of blushing. I can do everything but after thinking my red face everyting is ending in seconds. Please give me some advice while I am searching for other ways to get better. Meanwhile I am from Turkey. Sorry for the lack of English.
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Luckily make up and a tan prevents this. My chest goes red when I blush..

Weird thing is before I blush, my stomach churns before I see someone or il think something obscene! I hate my body sometimes.
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It's actually quite common and one of the worse effects for me regarding my social anxiety. Therapy and ssri might work to some extent, you really need to stop avoiding the situation and learn to take control of it

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Im 16 years old and when I started my severe blushing I was a sophomore in high school. My severe blushing started about a year and a half ago due to taking Accutane. Before I took Accutane, my face rarely ever got severely red when I blushed. After about 9 months of taking it for my acne, my face would turn tomato red within a quick second of me just thinking about it. It would happen in school, talking to a teacher, getting called on, and even talking to my closest of friends. Before I knew it I was obsessing over the fact that my face would start blushing very easily and I would constantly wait for it to happen next. This is the worst start to it all. I started refusing to go to certain classes and I missed a lot of school. It started effecting my grades tremendously because I couldn't focus in class I would just think about the next time a teacher would call on me or how red my face would get next time someone would come up to talk to me. The anxiety got so bad I would sit in class having major panick attacks with my face turning bright red, heart pounding, hands sweating, and also turning very cold. I visited a psychologist and they prescribed me Xanax and Lexapro. The Xanax helped me stay calm in class and the Lexapro kicked in within a month or so. Xanax really would only work about ten minutes after I took it and it would only last for a couple hours. Lexapro is an antidepressant which means it takes awhile to work and kick in, but it basically just makes you happier and less negative. These medicines did not stop the blushing but it did ease it by a lot. I started seeing a psychologist to help change the way I think. Basically she told me that I really needed to keep my mind off of it much as I could and not beat myself up every time I blushed. I would go to school and the blushing would still happen. I felt completely hopeless and I wanted to die because people would always look at me like I had a problem and I thought that blushing would never go away. It was very exhausting with it happening multiple times a day. I ended the school year with decent grades and I really pushed through the blushing and tried my hardest not to beat myself up every time it happened. Summer came and it was quite relaxing and less stressful not being in a classroom with bright lights on me everyday for 8 hours. I eased off the Lexapro because I was no longer experiencing much anxiety unless I was grocery shopping by myself. I became a lifeguard and later got the manager job at my local community pool. As school was coming back, I would sweat just thinking about it. My psychologist started me back on Lexapro and it made me really calm. I was no longer constantly thinking about the blushing. Once you really could care less about it, your set. The more you care about it, the more it will effect you and take a toll on you. I still get really anxious when it comes to presenting in class but other than that I feel pretty normal and rarely blush anymore. Thank God!!! Seriously please do not beat yourself whenever it happens you really just have to accept it and not dwell on it. Also breathing in and out through my nose very deeply multiple times helps me relax alot. I really hope my story can give someone some hope and I really am praying for the ones out there struggling with it because it really is a tiring and stressful experience. Best of luck.
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I've blushed regularly, for as long as I can cast my mind back. I started with SA as I started primary school, and since then whenever anyone started a conversation with me, or even look directly at me, my face would go bright red instantly.

It's interesting though as after thinking about it, I've noticed it happening less and less frequently as I'm getting older. I'm 27 now and I can usually get through a brief social encounter without it happening. I hope it starts fading away for you, too.

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Originally Posted by Odes View Post
I have had this since I was 17, now 37. I have tried so many different things to help. Drugs, therapists, hypnotherapy etc etc. I was prescribed propananol a month ago and this is the first drug that has helped with the anxiety in my chest and stomach that comes with the blushing so things are more bearable in that regard. Trying klonopin now too but might get doc to change that as makes me feel too tired and not much change to the mental anxiety side of things. Will keep you posted if I can get the mix right. Best of luck to all
Please keep us posted. Do you take propanol on a regimen or when only meeting people?
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Possible solution to blushing?

I have always suffered from blushing since I can remember. I hate to hear comments from people: why are you so red?..what is the problem with you? Are you ok?..etc...
few weeks ago I went to the Dr for a routine exam. He prescribed Compensial 300mg twice a day for a mild increase in liver God...since I am taking these capsules (dont know why) I am more self confident, I feel I am not blushing anymore. Probably my blushing has disappeared in a 80%..
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Hi All, I have reduced my blushing too a level that it doesn't worry me anymore. IT really helps to be in control of your emotions and this site helped me to work out how to stop blushing

I never liked the idea of going for surgery. Seems a bit extreme :0
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