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SwtSurrender 09-09-2020 05:06 PM

Emotional manipulation in relationships with music
I have this major problem where my past and maybe even future crushes, boyfriends, relationships, etc seduce me with their music. They're so smart. Music is connected to our memories and everytime we listen to the music we go back to them!

If only we can go back to them without any painful emotions, then we can enjoy the music! Which is what I can do. Yay. But anyway, they have such great taste in music and I steal it and make it part of my life. Then people are like wow you have a lot of nice music. And I'm like, eh I didn't do any of the hard work, I was just a sponge!

Maybe I just am easily seduced. I think I am, especially since I love music and I like to think my dopaminergic pathways with memories are forever naive and virgins. It's killing me man. I guess I'm happy when they don't share music with me but the worst one is this guy playing Blue Foundation while we were doing it! Ahh and he was a stoner. And oh, he really ****ed me over with his music.

Please, what is this magic? I wonder if anyone else experiences this high of memories with eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and music. Maybe they do it without knowing how the memories and music work in the brain? How dare they be so stupid and smart at the same time? Maybe it's a message and they want me to remember them on purpose when my memories connect to the music and the times we had together?

It's funny when you listen to the music and replace it with your own memories. Like you can suggest to yourself a life that you want, with someone else! Suggestive invention of the future, like Freud, he used suggestive therapy also known as hypnosis! Wow he used to hypnotise his patients to remember a past which was not their own. Maybe that's how it can work with intentional emotional manipulation from music.

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