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yeah i get that here and there too...but most of the time im not mad at all, i like to smile alot, i like to joke around alot but when noone is talking to me i can get like that, i dont mean to
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Sometimes i'm afraid to look at windows incase i see that i have an angry expresion in public and i find it hard to look at my face in the mirror when i'm at the barbers as often my face looks angry.

Does anyone have any tips on how to change your public expression. Is it as simple as practicing in the mirror for a while? but you can't really recreate how you'd feel in public

I hate not knowing what my expression is like in public
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this is weird... i didn't know this was part of it. when i'm walking, i get a lot of "what's wrong? are you okay?" i have no idea that i'm making my face up.

just recently, a friend of a friend (so i don't really know her) said "don't scowl like that. you're going to scare people off." i guess i have angry face most of the time.
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now that i'm aware of it, whenever i feel my face tensing, i smile if no one is looking at me. that relaxes it.
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Originally Posted by Solo View Post
Do u look angry even when u're not? My biggest SA issue is that I look angry all the time so I send the wrong non-verbal messages. When I try to smile I end up looking crazy or looking super angry LOL No matter how much I try to smile it doesn't work. It seems to backfire and get worse when I try smiling. I do ok when smiling for pics but most of the time I tense up around people. I seem to do better in real life around SA people. When I'm genuinely happy I smile w/out realizing it. Does anyone else have issues w/ this? BTW it's not "all in my head". I've had people comment on it.
Personally i feel like i'm extremely intimidating to other people, and i think this is so because a i NEVER get smiles or anything from people when i'm out and about at the mall or whatever. I don't know exactly why this is.

It could be because i have a mean looking face (not even sure if i have one), could be because i'm good looking, or because i'm ugly, or because i'm a fairly large guy (not fat, i just have that kind of a body structure), or maybe because i tend to let my hair grow long, or possibly some random combination of the above.

I really have no idea.
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People tell me all the time I look like a serial killer, or like I want to blow up the entire party. When they say that, I give a creepy smile.

What's weird is that I love it. My personality kind of fits my facial expression, and people know I am just morbidly humorous and nobody has complained really so nobody takes it seriously.

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I look bored/sad.
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Yeah, and a big part of it is my eyes.

I have strabismus (crosseye) and I've had many surgeries to try to correct it. Cosmetically I don't look TOO bad, but unfortunately the doctors were never able to fine-tune my eyes so that they see things as they should. I have double vision if I try to look though both eyes at the same time, like normal people do. Further, those images are misaligned. One is higher than the other like 2 cameras that are not quite pointing at the same spot ("divergent"). At this point, there is no correction for my degree of divergence given my surgical history. But if I were a child now and just beginning treatment, there would be tons of options. The technology just wasn't there 40 years ago like it is today.

So, I unconsciously adapted to using only one eye at a time, and quickly shifting back and forth in order to simulate normal stereoscopic vision and depth perception. The big problem is that the divergent eye (my right) is very sensitive to bright glaring light, and I squint-- but only that eye. The left eye (the straighter one) isn't so bad unless I look sharply right-- then that one squints to block out confusing double images. I see just fine in terms of visual acuity (20/20). I just see 2 of everything. Thus, I often look angry because I'm squinting and my face might be somewhat "squoonched" because I'm trying to process what I'm seeing.

The thing is, the times when I'm squoonched up are the times when I'm most intently "focused" (literally and figuratively) on the person or thing that's in front of me... those are the times when you have me so enraptured in your story, or attentive to what you're saying. People take that the wrong way and they think I'm stonewalling or getting angry or something. I think it also sort of repels people, because they see my unintended facial expression and they don't understand that it's because of a vision "problem".

We've tried glasses with prism correction in order to help straighten the divergent eye. Remember how we played with prisms as kids and made rainbows, and watched as the prism made things appear to change positions? Well, we got the divergence corrected fairly well, but the rainbow effect was far too pronounced at the strength I needed to get that degree of straightening. I saw "rainbows" around anything I looked at in bright light. Even the sunglasses gave me rainbows. And headaches.

Adding to the angry appearance, I have permanent brow creases from all my years of squinting. I'm to the point of having plastic surgery or Botox to fix that, but unless the squint is fixed the creases will return.
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I look piss off, sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not
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I've been told I look serious, over-sensitive, startled, pensive, sad, and bored, by various people. I'm not sure about angry, I always try to maintain a neutral expression which in reality might make me look pissed off. I get a lot of 'cheer up love, it might never happen' type-comments, which is really irritating.
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LOL, story of my life. I always get asked "what's wrong?" or "why are you angry?" And I reply uhh... I'm fine. Well, not really. I realize I make the angry face when I feel self-conscious, which is pretty much every time I go out.
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I solved it long time ago by substituting the neutral face for a small, stupid, cynic and ever present smile that is now my standardized facial reply to almost every social interaction. The problem is when I canīt hold the smile. And sometimes I canīt... Then my face can get really bizarre quick nervous changes of expressions (no tics so far though... Well, maybe not for long..)
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People tell me my neutral face looks sad, so I often get the "Oh cheer up, it can't be that mad". Some people say I always have a serious look on my face.
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I think my neutral face looks sad or emotionless.

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I don't look angry; I just look sad and lost. People are always asking me what the matter is, and saying I look confused.
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I look very stern and emotionless a lot of times. Pretty much like I could care less about someone even if they did the craziest thing in the world right in front of me. Sure, if it is funny I may crack a smile, but other than that I am pretty rock solid in seriousness.

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My mom and friends of mine and family members have been telling me that for years. Sometimes they come up to me and say "are you ok?" and then they tell me I either look like I'm angry or sad.
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Yeah that's me. I'll be sitting there relaxed and someone will say 'what are you pissed off about' didn't know I was. I give my brothers the evil eye alot when I'm angry at them. The trouble is now the muscles above my eyebrows are in a permenant V. It's had to explain. But even when I'm relaxed I'm frowning, actually have frown lines.
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Yeah, people are always asking me what's wrong with me and I never know what they're talking about.
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Yes, I look angry all the time. Always have in every situation. I also know it gives people the wrong impression but its really hard to stop. I developed it years ago as a defense mechanism to keep people from talking to me that I didn't know. I lately have been trying to project myself differently.
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