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Does it take you long to do everything?

Every simple daily takes too much time and if i try and Hurry i feel rushed and tired.
Things that should only take 10 to 15 minutes become hours.
Do you take a long time to do things? Is this normal with social anxiety?
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* daily task
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Sounds more like OCD to me, but they often present together.
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my friend is like that. anxiety + she is an incredibly unpractical and unfocused person.

"hey let's go to X"
"sure thing"
2 or 3 hours later... still not ready. drives me insane.

it's just too long to wait for everything. unprepared for everything. disaster.

she doesn't have social anxiety, more general anxiety, worrying about things, doesnt think straight, cant focus.

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Yeah it seems to take me way longer to do things than most people. I think it's because my brain is slow and I lack motivation to do stuff.

That's where the pain comes in
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Trying to fit beneath the skin
I can't fit the feelings in

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Yes but I also suffer from moderate OCD so that doesn't help.
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ƒiddliest thingz

top button!


hardwall, changing switch to power socket
replacing oven element, reaching far into rear cavity
hinges, gasket, mounting door

suffering giddiness

sweat & stress
so many attempts so practical
just removing a fuse in car. less stress than a human whining at me
so many times, grip a fuse after so many other tools bought and used... just slipping. not my fault. fuse too stuck or tools ineffective
better spent by driving to garage, have them do it for me. so many weeks trying daily. workarounds... sweating, on knees, OUCH! need gardening rubber mat. used sandals protection. £19.20 garage

top button, tie, collar fold so easy all life... time.. more years no interview, struggle too long getting the tie right.. causing formidable late for train!

early life building model 4x4 buggies to race in dirt! Social life!

quit, giv up fiddly tasks.. a rest.. do l8r or next day
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Yes, but due to lack of motivation.
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Kinda depends on what it is. If it's a task that only works if you do it the right way (there's only one possible right way to do it) then I can do it pretty quickly if I know how (which doesn't mean I always do know how).

If it's something that has many possible paths to completion, I will often get mired in the labyrinth of possibilities. Following them all to completion in my head is too complicated so I just pick a random one and it ends up being the longest path to satisfaction.

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