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Does anyone know about Adult Sensory Integration Disorder

I'm just curious if anyone has been diagnosed with sensory integration disorder and if so, what their main symptoms are.

I have trouble switching my attention - visually - I can walk right past someone I know and unless I happen to look directly at them, I won't even see them. This probably sounds weird. I think my peripheral vision is fine - but my field of focus is very narrow. I've read that sensory integration disorder is like being able to see a single tree but not the forest; or seeing the whole forest but not an individual tree.

Another thing I have trouble with sometimes is filtering out conversations going on around me.

Does anyone know about sensory integration disorder in adults?

I think it's similar to ADD but am not clear on the exact differences.
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Hmmmm... I've never heard of that, but that is interesting. That sounds a lot like me, but I've attributed it to absent-mindedness; literally being so absorbed in my own always-buzzing thoughts that sometimes I can look right at someone I know, or even something "obviously" out of place, and not notice a thing.

A quick search returned results mostly referring to childhood diagnosis and treatment, but I did find this:

Hypnosis and biofeedback are sometimes used, along with psychotherapy, to help those with SID, particularly older patients. ... sorder.jsp

It also seems to be a controversial diagnosis (i.e. some references to debate over whether it's a 'real' disorder)
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Thanks for the link James - that looked really good and accurate. I'm a little disappointed that they don't have more information on treating it in adults. But that article was the most complete one I've seen on it. Thanks!
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I've not been diagnosed with it, but I have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, which can include sensory issues, and I'm fairly certain I have sensory issues mostly of the tactile and auditory nature. SID can also be a part of ADD and my girlfriend is proof of this. Neurologists have some type of sensory testing used in their battery of tests, but I wouldn't see much of a point in being evaluated for SID as an adult other than peace of mind.
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Here are some symptoms

Some visual discrimination problems are

__ has difficulty telling the difference between similar printed letters or figures; i.e., p & q, b & d, + and x, or square and rectangle
__ has a hard time seeing the "big picture"; i.e., focuses on the details or patterns within the picture
__ has difficulty locating items among other items; i.e., papers on a desk, clothes in a drawer, items on a grocery shelf, or toys in a bin/toy box
__ often loses place when copying from a book or the chalkboard
__ difficulty controlling eye movement to track and follow moving objects
__ has difficulty telling the difference between different colors, shapes, and sizes
__ often loses his/her place while reading or doing math problems
__ makes reversals in words or letters when copying, or reads words backwards; i.e., "was" for "saw" and "no" for "on" after first grade
__ complains about "seeing double"
__ difficulty finding differences in pictures, words, symbols, or objects
__ difficulty with consistent spacing and size of letters during writing and/or lining up numbers in math problems
__ difficulty with jigsaw puzzles, copying shapes, and/or cutting/tracing along a line
__ tends to write at a slant (up or down hill) on a page
__ confuses left and right
__ fatigues easily with schoolwork
__ difficulty judging spatial relationships in the environment; i.e., bumps into objects/people or missteps on curbs and stairs

Motor skill defecits

__ __ difficulty learning to ride a bike or other "moving" equipment __ __ clumsy, uncoordinated, and accident prone
__ __ difficulty walking on uneven surfaces
__ __ difficulty with fine motor tasks such as buttoning, zipping, tying, knitting, sewing, playing games with small parts, closing zip loc bags
__ __ confuses right and left sides
__ __ difficulty with handwriting; hard to read, takes a long time to write
__ __ frequently bumps into people and things
__ __ frequently misses when putting objects on a table
__ __ messy eater, difficulty with eating utensils, spills and drops food
__ __ knocks drinks or other things over when reaching for them
__ __ frequently drops items
__ __ has to talk self through tasks
__ __ hums or vocalizes while concentrating on a task
__ __ significant difficulty learning to tie a tie
__ __ difficulty with motor tasks requiring several steps
__ __ difficulty lining up numbers correctly for math problems and/or balancing a checkbook
__ __ difficulty learning new motor tasks...a new dance, sport or exercise activity, how to drive
__ __ lose balance frequently
__ __ significant difficulty learning to type the "proper" way

Other symptoms

__ __ can't identify objects by feel if your eyes are closed
__ __ difficulty finding things in your purse or pocket without looking
__ __ don't seem to notice if your hands or face are dirty
__ __ bothered by hands or face being dirty
__ __ loves to touch and be touched, has to touch everything
__ __ have a hard time feeling where a bug has bitten you or whether you are being bitten
__ __ difficulty heating food to the correct temperature, feeling if it is too hot or too cold
__ __ difficulty locating items in a cupboard, drawer, in your closet, or on a grocery shelf
__ __ difficulty with recognizing/interpreting/following traffic signs
__ __ difficulty judging distances about where your car is in relation to other cars, in parking spaces, or near a curb (fail miserably at parallel parking!!)
__ __ difficulty merging into oncoming traffic on road, rotary, or highway
__ __ get disoriented and/or lost easily in stores, buildings, hiking, etc.
__ __ can't sleep if room isn't completely dark
__ __ fearful of heights
__ __ difficulty concentrating on or watching a movie/tv show when there is background noise or distractions
__ __ difficulty remembering or understanding what is said to you
__ __ difficulty following directions if given two or three at one time
__ __ can not complete concentrated tasks if noises present
__ __ sensitive, or over reacts, to sirens, dogs barking, vaccuum cleaners, blenders, or other sudden/loud sounds
__ __ talks too loud or too soft
__ __ become engrossed in one single activity for a long time and seems to tune out the rest of their environment
__ __ great difficulty settling body down for sleep or waking up in the morning (did you even hear the alarm that has been going off for 15 minutes?)
__ __ bumps into things frequently
__ __ often pushes too hard on objects, accidentally breaking them
__ __ difficulty judging how much pressure to apply when doing tasks or picking something up
__ __ difficulty identifying which key on your ring belongs to what
__ __ numbers and letters often reversed or backwards
__ __ difficulty telling time on an analogue clock
__ __ difficulty reading and understanding a map, bus schedule, directions
__ __ difficulty organizing and grouping things by categories, similarities, and/or differences
__ __ can't seem to find words in word search puzzles
__ __ unable to identify foods that have gone bad by smell
__ __ difficulty being able to smell dangerous smells, i.e., smoke, noxious/hazardous solvents
__ __ difficulty being able to smell when something is burning on the stove or in the oven
__ __ difficulty distinguishing different tastes and/or flavors of food and/or drink items
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I wanted to bring this back up because it can often go along with ASD/autism spectrum, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and OCD.

It's now more commonly called Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). I think because SID is often confused with SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

There are links to the checklists in my signature. Just wanted to help spread the word so that people can get help if they think this is an issue in their life.

Moms and Dads group at SAS:
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SPD can be diagnosed by an OT.

Moms and Dads group at SAS:
Moms and Dads
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Sensory processing disorder

Hi, Hi Everyone, I'm the author of Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight about sensory defensiveness.

Many of you have questions about social anxiety and SPD, or sensory processing disorder. Actually, both are highly correlated as SPD creates huge relationship problems, both because of the sensory issues involved and because you feel different from others, and fear being easily rejected. If you suspect you might have SPD, I have tons of information that you might useful in my new book Uptight & Off Center. Directed primarily for adults, it covers all aspects of SPD and focuses on the mental health issues involved in the dysfunction. It is available on Amazon currently as an ebook. Looking forward to hearing from you, Warmly, Sharon Heller
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