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Why is everyone ganging up on emotionless thug? What, you think the government has NEVER experimented on people before? Tuskegee experiment? MKULTRA? Sodium Fluoride in the water (was used in soviet gulags as well)? I don't know about AI supercomputers using electromagnetic high frequency waves to mind control people, but it could probably happen.
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Aspie is a very serious thing. Usually it's just social anxiety, so don't worry.
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Socializing with myself
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Originally Posted by Krieg View Post
Why is everyone ganging up on emotionless thug? What, you think the government has NEVER experimented on people before? Tuskegee experiment? MKULTRA? Sodium Fluoride in the water (was used in soviet gulags as well)? I don't know about AI supercomputers using electromagnetic high frequency waves to mind control people, but it could probably happen.

Sorry, I haven't replied. This is common for me in reality and online, without the talk about Governments or Supercomputers. Advanced Hybrid Quantum Supercomputers are managing humanity, and also someone super intelligent, foreign, neuroscientists and programmers not from this world created terms, concepts, mental disorders, and disabilities to be compatible for this system, there's different types of awareness as how our subconscious is programmed, and there needs to be a labeled for those who's subconscious are difficult to manage by The Advanced Hybrid Quantum Supercomputers as false belief to avoid chaos. We're all forced to dictate what we see as programmed as for communication to block the attention towards the real experiences. This is why our education system never teaches us profanity, because it was supposed to be a useful weapon as to distract and distort the inner mind from allowing your perception to perceive it.

When people use vulgar language, that means they can't articulately express themselves to allow another individual to understand it, causing friction and attention in an incoherent matter. Especially when accidents occur simultaneously and the mental image of the concept is described poorly, they can't explain it in a coherent matter and in scientific words how such an occurrence happened when they subconsciously failed to be aware of the situation, they're not paying attention.

Till now and as a child, people would simultaneously speak all at once, without hearing what I have to say, and when I do speak, they continue to speak louder than my voice, which disrupt my speech while communicating with them individually at the same time, and it allows them to make a comment about me saying that I stutter, repeated a word, used the wrong word, I don't know what I'm talking about, "you think your a grown man", "you think you're so smart", and to emotionally challenge me.

You can read more about it on my blog.

I live in a motel, because the governments Advanced Hybrid Quantum Supercomputers are categorizing families into small groups to manage society, to destroy the relationship between families to get them to survive in small groups.

These machines mess with my data packets, and use people to mess with the internet cable accidentally at the precise time with thoughts for a particular day or week. When I logged back on SAS, I get inappropriate quotes from a particular thread I've commented on, which I arrive late upon to comment, but it was done to divert others from reading it, but to see it as irrational and incoherent with visual perception aka visual perceptual processing.

They allowed people to change times with thoughts, and create arguments or allow you to appoint to going outside at a precise time where the weather will be a good weapon to destroy a laptop using heavy rain during an isolated location, and when you're doing something important to ruin your day and your health by rushing to cause an accident. My laptop and my swollen left testicle.

I've been through four laptops so far.

2004 - My little sister pulled out the disk drive, I couldn't use my AOL Dial Up to access the internet.

2007 - I've purchased an Acer laptop from Best Buy, and as soon as I powered it on it displayed a blue screen showing errors.

2012 - Once again, my little sister jump on the bed, my laptop hit the floor, and the screen backlight broke.

2015 - Diverted my aunt's thoughts during a precise time to leave while I was left to babysit my little cousin, left the house as she arrived, went outside to walk to BK, and as soon as there was no location to run for shelter while about to cross the street, heavy rain poured down to slowly destroy my laptop screen, and the laptop was in my book bag.

After I purchase a new laptop, my aunt started to cause friction for a false reason to find a reason to agree with her logic to kick me, my mom, and sister out her daughter's apartment complex. Btw, my aunt doesn't know that I've purchased a new laptop.

They're exhibiting Alzheimer's, because I see that, and I have Learning Disability as labeled for this system, but the Advanced Hybrid Quantum Supercomputer misplaced me in special education as an African American, and got me left back two times in an Elementary School for funds to balance $$.

Poor judgement

Those with Alzheimer’s may begin to show impaired judgement, making decisions that appear irresponsible or inappropriate, particularly when compared to past behavior. This could include such actions as: dressing improperly for the weather, giving excess money to telemarketers, and paying little attention to grooming and hygiene. They may lose control of their impulses, leaving them to say tactless things or shoplift as a result of forgetting of the need to pay.

Confusion with time or place

Some people may lose track of aspects of time and space, such as forgetting what day, season, month, or year it is, or forgetting where they currently are and/or how they got there. They may have difficulty thinking about things that aren’t in their immediate circumstances – for example, forgetting where they live when they are out at the store or a family member’s house. The perception of time is another thing that can present a huge challenge, as some people with Alzheimer’s may not be able to tell an accurate passage of time – for example, believing that 5 minutes have passed when really it has been 5 hours.

Communication challenges

People with Alzheimer’s experience diminishing ability to communicate due to a difficulty with vocabulary and other aspects of language. They may stop mid-conversation and become at a loss at how to continue or finish their thoughts, or they may use the wrong words when referring to everyday objects. As the disease progresses into advanced stages, language can be reduced to simple phrases and may eventually result in complete loss of speech.

Signature Under Construction - Be back very soon to update knowledge!

In the meantime. I'll perfect my writing techniques.
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