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Just don't drown!
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i'm more concerned about this happening:

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Originally Posted by AwkwardUglyWeirdo View Post
I think it's actually therapeutic - the question is, what am I giving myself therapy for?

It seems like a weird thing to do.

On the other hand, who knows, I might be on to something. Maybe more people should take high quality crazy baths as therapy.

If 5 year olds go ape**** in baths, why can't we?
yea i'm not in baths so much, but if i was, i would probz use a rubber ducky to keep me company.
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Originally Posted by AwkwardUglyWeirdo View Post
i'm more concerned about this happening:

plot twist, you were a bathtub in your past life.
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I still take baths quite often, hardly use the shower. And sometimes I do it multiple times a day. I don't have a ducky and splash around though, I'll usually read a book. In my case, I wouldn't say it's regression, water is just soothing to me and bathing while reading a book is something to do. It just feels like an event, or morning and nightly ritual that's enjoyable.

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Red face

horrible humid country: UK

I thought rainforest was humid?

we have 90% - 100% humidity all year

I preferred winter to summer.

Peaks of humidity is slap bang in middle of summer or winter. Nasty

All my money on shower gel and time on showers. Late at night before bed. Awake needing shower & lunch time too

Thailand was such a lovely place to be for whole of December
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I have the habit of taking frequent showers depending on the day, but it almost never leaves me satisfied, which I really really hate!

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wow I knew I wasn't the only one
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Originally Posted by UnusualSuspect View Post
Is this normal? I take baths like 3 times a day, for like 20 minutes each and I go full out, like a small 4 year old child - bubbles, rubber ducks, diving underneath, playing with toys. This is not a troll thread, I actually do those things. Swim with goggles on and ****. Is this a sign of mental illness (OCD or anxiety or excess stress) ... I do it for fun, not because I'm a clean freak or worried about being clean. I do summer salts (however the **** you spell it) too. I treat it like a swimming pool and splash and have fun and make a mess around the walls.

Is this perhaps a sign that I'm really immature for my age (an adult)? What kind of immaturity, mental, emotional? Or that I'm emotionally/mentally unstable?

Does anyone else do this or know someone who does, or is it just me?
Lovin' it. I should try it.

And I thought sitting on the floor, legs crossed, under the shower and meditating and thinking I control water was crazy enough.

Seriously, love it.

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