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I just saw the 1984 Iceman movie about a Neanderthal being thawed out from ice.
The end of the movie would probably put this fear to bed.

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I have this fear on occasion. It happens a lot in movie theaters, or other buildings with very high ceilings, but less often outside, unless I'm looking straight up at the sky, or up the side of a tall building. The feeling is essentially identical to the feeling I would get looking down from a tall building. My brain just treats the two distances the same way. When it happens when I'm in a theater, I hold onto the seat so that I don't fall up and break my neck on the ceiling.

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I just wanted to post here after stumbling across this forum. I have had anxiety issues on and off over the years, but nothing of significance for almost 10 years.

I have casadastraphobia and have for as long as I can remember (4 years old is my earliest recollection). When I do look a many of the scenes mentioned by other posters, I lose all feeling in my legs from the knees down. This means that I can't feel the ground so I feel like I'm lifting off the ground (illogical, but hey, phobias are). I've always described it as a fear of plummeting upwards, or a fear of infinite depth.

Phobias aren't always a fear sensation, it can also be an "irrational aversion", and that's what I experience. The idea that it's some form of balance problem or vertigo makes sense. It generally only happens when my head is tipped quite far back. Then with each second and I get more and more convinced that I'm going to "plummet up" and eventually I'm compelled to stop looking. Once I straighten up I feel a little fuzzy for a few minutes, but then I'm fine. No fear or anxiety, just an intense and irrational unpleasant sensation. It got bad when my anxiety was at it's worst, but these days I find it amusing and I experiment with the sensation to work out what can set it off.

I guess I just wanted to share that to be reassuring. Chances are casadastraphobia is a balance issue that exists on it's own, but when we have anxiety problems at the same time it gets exacerbated. If you find a way to manage or treat your other anxiety issues, this physiological issue can just be an odd quirk that you forget you even have. That's my experience and I wish you all as much fortune, i.e. successful anxiety treatment/management and quirks that amuse oneself instead of stressing oneself!
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I literally had to take a break driving today. It just doesn’t make sense to me how an invisible force holds me down when the earth is spinning at such a high rate of speed. I have always had a fear of heights and now I’m 47 and this new phobia just started to where I think I will just come off the ground and get slung into the sky or space, and I know it’s irrational and sounds very stupid. My wife thinks I’m losing it.
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I had an odd episode once when I smoked a blunt with a couple of guys I knew. I don't know if it was just really strong or if maybe one of them put something in it but I was feeling OK for a while and then I started feeling really strange. It came on me really fast and the best way to describe what I felt was like my consciousness was dissolving into the air around me. Not really the same as a fear of falling into the sky but it was terrifying. Never felt anything like it before or since.

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I have this fear if I am lying on the ground looking up at the sky or looking through a panoramic roof in a car up at the sky. I have a fear of heights as well and I guess my brain thinks I am going to fall. Only seems to be an issue if I cant see the ground in the same field of view.

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