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Borderline Personality Disorder

Does anyone else suffer with this?

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No, but I have met a few here that I honestly think do. And that's totally fine. But just don't allow it to affect others negatively and make an effort to recognise/deal with it.

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No, but I dated someone from OkCupid with this disorder three years ago, and sadly it did negatively impact our relationship, even though it was short by most standards. I am sorry you are affected by it.

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No, but I knew a woman that I frequented myself withfor about a year who had BPD .

Everything in the beginning was great but it was like treading on eggshells making sure you didn't say anything that would make her mad. Avoiding saying anything negative was a good thing I learned. she didn't like any sort of complaining. Seemed it was somewhat of a trigger. Plus, she also had the eating disorder also. Then she just vanished. No argument. Nothing . She just disappeared with no explination. That's what BPDs tend to do. Nothing personal; it's all about themselves. A lot of the time they're in terrible emotional turmoil.

How is your BPD? Mild, severe, moderate?

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I have it really bad.
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