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Body Dysmorphia

Hi All,

Was wondering if anyone has any experience with body image issues?

Myself I am obsessed with my appearance. I have a diagnosis of Body Dysmorphia but feel I am supremely attractive most of the time. I find myself evaluating others looks in relation to mine and can often feel very anxious about giving off clues as to what I am thinking. Such as thinking 'I am better than you'!!? Sounds horrible I know These are probably unwanted thoughts. But are ruining my quality of life. I avoid talking to people because I am scared I will upset them, by looking at there 'flaws'. Any word used in social situations that may sound derogatory e.g 'disgusting' may bring an unwanted smirk to my face.

What I guess I am asking is there anyway to stop this loop? And still feel great about the way I look? What is a healthy level of narcissism?

Does there have to be a winner and a loser in terms of attractiveness? If one person is attractive does that mean that another is ugly? Does attractiveness mean that 'one' is preferable to another, therefore the another is unattractive?
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Well you were diagnosed with BDD so I'm assuming it functions more OCD-like and not ego dystonic narcissism. In which case I think not paying attention to the thoughts and identifying with them might help (if they're purely intrusive this should help.) Like try to give them as little weight/focus as possible like an annoying advertisement or something.

But to be honest if you're doing it to make yourself feel better and actually believe it, then it's probably narcissism as well or instead, and you don't want people to view you badly for thinking that you're better than them. I don't think people realise that narcissism can be ego-dystonic because it usually isn't.

Originally Posted by YouTube comment
Yet another man lost to irony poisoning, cynicism, hyper-self awareness and the inability to be sincere.

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Do you feel like this all the time or just somtimes? I ask this because it's a bit like grandiosity during mania. A feeling that you're "superior" in some way is quite common at that time.
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In one way you are confident about your self image but when it comes to other people you are afraid to tell them how you feel about yourself/them. Most anxious people think low of themselves so at least you don't have that. But you put too much focus on appearance. It might also be insecurity that you conscoiusly/uncnsiously want validation from others. Want them to tell you that you are great and they are not. You have to first work on accepting yourself and others as they are. And finding validation through your good actions and words.

You have to know that people will be judged more on their character, words, actions and good intentions. So when you talk to someone focus on those qualities. Are they kind? Are they good communicators? Do they show respect or love? Think about wether you want to be loved for your appearance only or also your intelligence, kindness, respectfulness and other good characteristics. There is no objective standard when it comes to beauty. But every person knows if you are rude or kind to them. Being helpful and loving to yourself and others makes you a real winner.
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I believe the smirking to be a conflict between... supremacy/ narcissism and myself being a champion of equality.
Anyone else find them smirking when in conflict with themselves?
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