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i feel down most of the time. i can't believe how amazing it would be to feel the complete opposite the other half of the time.

i could make friends, approach girls, i would use my mania time very wisely.

ive noticed the bipolar people on here post full of confidence and happiness and the other time sadness. i think it evens itself out, and i envy those with this condition very much especially since sa makes you such a wimp

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Ik man my last lover had bipolar and when I asked him why he didn't put his mania to use, he didn't seem to get me. I guess if you are used to such advantages you end up taking them for granted instead of making the most of them. I tried to draw up a plan for him and everything, like in the time slot where he usually starts ranting incoherently I replaced that with "super-powered study time," also replaced his time where he tends to have panic attacks or self-harm with "think of new, creative ways to save the animals," his time he intended to spend driving off a cliff with "drive Anna to all the pet stores in California in one day as efficiently and safely as possible," and the time slot reserved for hospitalisation with "give Anna super-powered manic cuddles safe at home." He didn't like any of my ideas though. I don't think he even read my plan. Maybe he just forgot it because the drugs he gets to take to be functional **** with his memory. I don't get to take drugs like that. All mine do is fizz in my brain. Those lucky *******s.

hello I am anna I like patting bumbleebess and playing detective and I want tummypats pleas
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Yeah... It's not the fairytale fun time you think it is.
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Coming from a family where Bipolar is everywhere, it's not what its cracked up to be. My brother has it ,and I've seen periods of his mania where he almost flies off the handle. He would just sit there and spend money on video games and not care about his house payment. I've had to loan him money before so that he and his wife can make it to their next paycheck because he blew it all. There are also times when he is just so hyper that you can't help but laugh because of the way he is acting. Also coming from a personal experience, the mania isn't fun. I spent nearly 6 days straight awake during my last episode (if you can call it that). I ran around for hours outside in nothing but my underwear in below freezing weather just because. I cleaned my entire house while my parents slept. I wound up missing around 4-5 days of college because I didn't want to go without sleep. If I had money, than I would of spent a good bit of it on meaningless things. Different people handle it differently I guess but it is not fun to experience. Sorry to rain on your parade.
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It's not that great if you're having loads of bad energy like agitation. It's like you want to jump out of your skin. Idk if I have the disorder (I don't think so, but I might), but I have had times of agitation, anxiety and irritation and it's not fun. One time I was so agitated I attacked a security guard at a hospital after I had my OD (he wouldn't let me escape). Thankfully I didn't hurt him at all. You can do stupid things in a manic state which would make your anxiety and depression worse in the long run.
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Idk if I'm bipolar or not but half time I'm either fighting someone or not even bothering to respond to something mean or sometimes I'm really happy and confident for no reason then I just have low self esteem
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Dude are you sure you even have Bipolar?? I have had it for 16 years and I don't care for the highs or the lows. I wish I didn't even have it at all... I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy.

I do the most horrible things to people I love when I'm manic, and when I'm depressed I can barely get out of bed... This is a hell of a curse on a person...
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I know this was posted a while ago but you clearly don't understand mania. Maybe you're talking about hypomania but even in that case Bipolar II is no fun either because the depressive episodes are pretty serious. None of it "evens itself out". You can approach girls when manic but don't expect it to the way you expected. As for the confidence thing, even with bipolar ii social anxiety is a huge problem for me, I am definitely not a confident or happy person.

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