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Binge eating

I've always resorted to comfort eating as my primary method of coping with stress. Recently, though, I've been eating until I throw up, and even then I just wash out my mouth and carry on eating. The food doesn't even taste good (when there's nothing else in the house, I'll even eat left over steamed rice with ketchup etc.). I packed on 5.1kg in 5days, and ended up bingeing for 2 more days but am too afraid to climb on the scales (I'm probably up by 7-8kg in total)... ...
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Hello Yellow.. I can empathize with the binge eating under stress. It seems to be a comfort mechanism something that should make you feel better, but then you usually lfeel lousy when you realize you're gaining weight. A few months ago I decided to change my stress outlet and I started running when i felt stressed. Hence I started running a whole lot. I know you have to motivate yourself to do that, but it has helped alot and now whenever I get stressed I just get away and either go for a walk or a run ...
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If nothing else, I can share with you my story:

Food has been a crutch for me since my adolescence. If I feel really awful (stressed, sad, angry) I tend to reach for sweets in particular. A couple of years ago, I wound up in a very stressful situation in my life. It triggered a pretty severe breakdown. As a result, I had to indulge my sweet tooth, otherwise life was unbearable. Over several months, I developed compulsive eating habits. Combine that with a lack of motivation to exercise, and I gained a good 25lbs.

After 5 months, I extricated myself from that stressful situation, figuring everything would get back to normal. Sadly, it didn't. My environment was calm, but I was still in turmoil. The damage ran very deep. For a few months, I still couldn't control my eating. It was like I always needed something in my mouth, for security. If I stopped eating, then maybe I'd have to face my unbearable emotions; maybe I'd have to face my unbearable reality. I would eat and eat until I felt sick.

At the same time, I now hated my body. I had been fit and reasonably slim before the breakdown. Now I was significantly overweight, out of shape and, in my estimation, ugly. I couldn't forgive myself. I felt unbearable shame. My confidence had also taken a serious hit and didn't think I could get fit again. So I didn't really try. I felt powerless. The shame and self-hate exacerbated my compulsive eating, and in a way I was probably "punishing" myself by not working out. In any case, my mind was still screwed up, and food was one of my few pleasures.

I still haven't gotten back to where I was before, neither psychologically nor physically. There's been some progress though. I don't binge anymore. I'm not that disciplined (and I still eat too many sweets), but in general my eating is moderate and controllable. I enjoy exercising again; I try to do it regularly. I still don't like how I look without a shirt, but I think I'm slowly getting to accept my body. Baby steps, I suppose.

I don't know your situation well enough to give you any good advice. It sounds quite severe, and I think you really need to find a professional who can help you out.

Originally Posted by niujess View Post
A few months ago I decided to change my stress outlet and I started running when i felt stressed.
I'm impressed. How did you turn it around like that?
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Hey, guys Thanks for sharing your stories with me.

I used to exercise everyday but every time I binge (usually I binge for days, even weeks on end) I tend to stop exercising as well. Sucks when I finally pull myself together because I can feel that my workout gear has gotten very tight around the hips...

Right now, I'm preparing for my end of year exams and the workload is just immense (a classmate even told me that "showering is optional before and during exams" ). I've binged for years now (just not as bad), so I actually feel as though I could control it a bit more as soon as my exams are over (as if the written stuff isn't bad enough, I have six, seven oral examination stations, two of which are foreign language)...

I confided in a friend today and she recommended that I see someone from the student wellness centre - I don't have much trust in them, and feel as though it might be a waste of time. I've been suffering major depressive episodes lately, and I've basically lost a lot of study time from hypersomnia and lack of concenctration during afternoon lectures (I bunked all my morning lectures this week). And, of course, I've been procrastinating and visiting this forum every day, several times a day...
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