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luvverly, bubbly

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A doctor said I had Aspergers, which is pretty high functioning in most cases I guess. I donít even know if I have it to be honest because I had a video game addiction so I lost all my social skills but overall itís possible Iím on the spectrum. Honestly the only effect itís had on me is anxiety. Iím in university and Iíve also had many friends/girlfriends in the past, but I still get anxious about things pretty easily like important tests or presentations.

Live life no matter what.. never quit you deserve better.
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Was he diagnosed with autism?

Sorry not sorry
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I have Non Verbal Learning Disorder, which is generally regarded as a rare but really high functioning autism. I got diagnosed later, which made things difficult but I've had a really productive life. I also have a brother with Aspergers/mid range Autism. One of the positive things about having autism is that I actually connect really well with children and animals so I am a fantastic teacher. It can make understanding the world hard, but it also brings tremendous gifts as well.
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your dads girlfriend
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I didn’t see these responses until just now. Thank you everyone for the replies, I follow a few of autism mom support groups and sensory processing disorder groups but I thought I’d post here. As a mother we can typically tell when something is different about our children, so I immediately picked up on it from about 6 months old. He isn’t diagnosed yet, but his pediatrician thinks he has autism. I’m getting him in to see if he has cerebral palsy or any other things. He has a lot to say, opens his mouth like he wants to talk or scream but nothing comes out. Although some autistic people can be right on track, he is very delayed and has a mentality of maybe a 6 month old if that.

Thanks again for responding, sorry I saw these so late, I didn’t check back in on this thread.

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I have a brother whoís on the lower end of the spectrum. According to my mother, he started off fine by making noises, saying some words and performed some physical and cognitive activities that of his age. But then he regressed to the point he didnít seem ďas awareĒ or spaced off while being nonverbal. He wasnít diagnosed until he was three years. These days it can be done sooner, so I would highly advise even if it means getting a second opinion, no matter where on the spectrum you suspect heís in. The sooner the interventions are then he can pick up on some developmental paces better.
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My family used to call me autistic and others have called me autistic as well. But I've taken online tests which show I'm not autistic.
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I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome about 2 years ago. My advice is figure it out sooner than later - I never had any support from my parents and it's always a struggle that requires grit to endure.
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