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asperger's syndrome?

I was looking at the definitions for it and at the forum , and have come to the conclusion that I have it. I have known for several years that Iv had SAD, but there have been weird times when I just do something that completely goes against it.

anybody else have it? I know it runs in my family. I know i had SA for a while.

Im afraid my SA was part of me trying to cover up my odd personality for fear of what opther people would think.

Im over that now though. I just am not going to care what other people think. But iv been programmed the my whole life thinking I was supposed to be normal
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Re: asperger's syndrome?

I used to think I had Asperger's as well after I read it's description online. I then saw an Independent Lens documentary on PBS called "Today's Man." After seeing that I would say that people with it have a very high functioning form of autism. Like in Rain Man the guy that was profiled in the documentary had a strict TV schedule that he had to maintain and was obsessed with collecting TV Guides but he was able to communicate with his parents and sister. He even managed to get some jobs but had a hard time keeping them because his autistic tendencies would get in the way. I'd recommend you watch the movie so you get a sense of what people with AS are like.
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Re: asperger's syndrome?

I watched the same documentary and it definitely shows a huge difference between "just" social anxiety-related behaviors and asperger's. Independent Lens is one of my all time favorite tv series.

Not to imply you don't have asperger's. The movie just really opened my eyes about asperger's in general.
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Re: asperger's syndrome?

What you see on tv are often the extreme cases. Some people with asperger's or even autism appear normal to others. If you do "have it", that's not a bad thing. It's not an illness that needs to be treated. However, therapy/support groups might make it easier to cope. My psych thinks I have it but I don't agree, so it's largely a matter of how you perceive yourself.

Get some fresh air. It will do you good.
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Re: asperger's syndrome?

I've read quite widely about this and I would say its just a less extreme form of autism. A lot of people with SA might well have AS as well.
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