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No, I'm not autistic.

I'm running away though nobody is chasing me.

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I definitely have aspergers.

It's really hard for me to switch tasks, nearly impossible if someone isn't physically with me to do it as a team. When I do get into something, I can't stop for days. Even waking up and falling asleep is incredibly difficult for me. I wish days and nights were 72 hours long.

I have no regard for appropriateness, and I balance it with trying to be clear when I speak. I'm usually the first guy to talk about hormones and political incorrect topics. I've been accused of being a troll pretty much every time I try to speak, because I am so opposed to the idea of being pc, due to my aspergers.

I actually believe that political correctness is political cultural control, not allowing people to say what they need to say in order to make peace with their environments and look after their own self interest and protect their families and finances. Because certain people capitalise off the conflict.

For instance. I think people are capitalising off your anxiety right now and creating it on purpose so they can feel better about themselves as well as make money.

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