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Originally Posted by PurplePeopleEater View Post
Yea. Like if they're fake or mean then I wont talk to them. But they have to be someone that's nice and non judgmental me to want to talk.

I was a mute in HS and barely talked but I dont know if that's autism. I think if I had it my social skills probably wouldn't improve but idk.
I have heard it be common amongst people with ASD to have had mutism in their younger days

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Nah, just weird and awkward.
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I like to think I can draw stick people pretty good.
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I used to think I was but people who I know that work in the mental health field say I'm not.
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Maybe somewhat mildly when it comes to purely autistic symptoms. However, there's something that gets easily confused with autism which is schizoidness and I have a lot of that, but that's not the same as autism even though most people think it is.

I was never diagnosed for that either. Only got my schizoidness confirmed by my therapist.
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pls don't eat bats, thnx
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someone once called me that because I said I wanted to watch a tv show or something and I didn't want to miss it and would get annoyed if I delayed the start of watching it. I think they were making the assumption that because I get bothered by disruptions to things I plan that makes me autistic. tbh the way she said it was more like she was trying to insult me. I later found out she had abandonment issues, so I was probably right about her trying to insult me. people quite often use the word autistic as an insult which isn't particularly nice.
so for the question, nope on autism, I have taken tests for it and i'm not even close.

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Originally Posted by Silent Memory View Post
I think I'll do it again. Not because I think I have ASD or anything like that, but just because I forgot what my chart looked like when I did it all those yonks ago.

I vaguely remember there was a whole "post your results " thread about that specific test and I know I did it but it's so far back I'd have a hard time finding it again, I guess.

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I said to my GP, "I think I might be autistic", and he just laughed for a brief moment and changed the subject.
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Originally Posted by Famous View Post
I said to my GP, "I think I might be autistic", and he just laughed for a brief moment and changed the subject.
The average doctor knows absolutely nothing about autism, so I would just shrug him off if I were you.

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Originally Posted by springseternal View Post
I have heard it be common amongst people with ASD to have had mutism in their younger days
I probably have it but there's some traits of it that I don't think I have. Might be why I havent had one single friend since I was 11. That definitely explains it.

I also forget simple things that are hard to forget on a daily basis. Not sure what that means. I could forget to get something or forget a thought in my head like after 30 seconds or less.
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My son has been diagnosed as being on the spectrum. I'm pretty sure my father is on the spectrum as well. I've often wondered about doing the test myself for an official diagnosis but I see no real purpose in it other than to appease my curiosity. The fee for the official diagnosis outweighs the benefits.

I really relate to this, which is written by the young artists mother (sourced from

I remember watching that day as Bianca drew with a No. 2 pencil. She started at the far right top of the page, drawing the bird’s wing. Then she filled in the rest of the bird, and quickly the other details. I was amazed at her talent. But it was the stunning message behind her drawing that broke my heart.

“How do you like the bats flying out of my nose?” Bianca asked. It was only then that I recognized the disturbing message in her self-portrait. Not just a noisy creative brain, but a frightening cacophony of wild, angry, primitive animals. What I thought was a beautiful bird with outstretched wings was screeching in her ear. Snakes writhed around her mouth. Prehistoric raptors clashed. Wolves howled. There are some peaceful aspects to the drawing, such as an Orca breeching, a flower and a butterfly; apparently a little calm in the jungle of her mind.

The incredible depth of Bianca’s self-awareness is revealed in how she etched her hand. The fingers are intelligent animals (dolphin, horse, wolf, and hawk)—but her thumb is a woman, wearing a long cloak from head to toe. The opposable thumb distinguishes her as human, but her humanness is still shrouded.

As if my mother’s heart needed even more to ache over, I noticed a small figure of a girl, hidden among the wilderness of her mind/drawing. The girl looks frightened and alone, as she hugs her knees to her chest, and huddles beneath the tail of an iguanodon, with a ferocious plesiosaur swimming by. How did I not know that my beautiful child felt this alone and in danger?
You score bonus points if you can find the kneeling child... I find it interesting that the image as a whole seems to face towards the left and is moving in the direction but the lost girl is facing the opposing direction... I think this relates to her inner struggles.
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I'm pretty sure I'm an undiagnosed aspie
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sure my self-diagnosis is accurate

absolute nutshell

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Eastenders & arguments an ideal template. no person gets on. people differ

no human has any engineering, maths or science in 'em.

ALL should if the human ahead of 'em.. a room full of humans. humans on TV. in Movies. this planet earth = HUMANS to Humans. humans care / thinks of nothing at all except humans. therefore, people are actors, doctors, nurses? police, lawyers. what else? NÝthing. please give an example of otherwise? i may favour a farmer.. But, 99% of human life = other Humans! employment impossible without humans. every aspect of life relies on humans. software interface communicates with humans as mimicking a human. ARE, R U YOU Sure.. U want delete that??? RR R U Are U sure u want to buy that food? U?

Humans = U.
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Honestly, there have been times where I suspected I was on the spectrum.
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No idea. I feel like my parents wouldn't have had us tested for anything like that anyways.
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Most probably, though I hide it okay. I think right now I'm coming to terms with it in my current work environment where I struggle to fit in really....-it's not even a lack of fitting in, I guess you can say it's the difference I see with how I interact and handle things vs. my peers and trying to reach that standard. The first month or two I actually had a breakdown where I cried hysterically in front of everyone (which was a great time) it was because I felt like I didn't know how to properly voice what I needed at the time or who the go to and on top of that I had some person screaming at me. Between coworkers asking me questions, her screaming, and me trying to process what I needed to say and how I needed to say it I had a sensory overload and cried. I typically can handle myself somewhat okay, but that was a bad one. In retrospect I think anyone may have felt flustered haha but it wasn't so much what the person was screaming it was that I was overwhelmed and felt trapped in myself sort of unaware of my surroundings. I also feel like I have the tendency to annoy people with questions, without intending to and I often take words out of context. I've been trying to make lists and schedules in regards to balancing school, studying, and work but in the past I had very very poor skills in regards to that.

When I was younger it was suspected by a doctor that I had high functioning autism (or ASD now) which was brushed under the rug until I was 19 or so which is sort of the missing puzzle piece I felt explained a lot. To kind of further back up the likelihood of me potentially having ASD (which I probably was diagnosed with at like 4) when I was a little bit older I was diagnosed with ADD by another doctor. Which I never felt fit me. When I was 18 or so a therapist of mine suspected it as well briefly during one of our discussions months in. But she quickly dismissed the idea as quickly as she came up with it once she discovered that I don't have to cut the tags off all my cloths and that I don't have a peanut allergy. Needless to say it wasn't very thorough analysis but she did recommend I see a different psychologist afterwards.

I've more of less come to terms that I am probably autistic but I don't know how receiving a proper diagnosis would help me at this point in life. It would mainly be for myself I guess. But what's the point in that...wouldn't change anything.

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I feel like it would be a diagnosis that would explain so much about me however Iíve never asked any docs about it. By various docs Iíve been diagnosed as having Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Major Depression, Dysthymia, etc. Perhaps something was missed, such as this or Borderline Personality Disorder. Could be I have them all, could be only one, in any case I never found any diagnosis to really help me. I never liked any of the pills or found them helpful & talk therapy is only as good as your motivation to change and circumstances being conducive to you doing so. My circumstances havenít changed nor has my motivation, Iím pretty well caked in survival mode
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I have been diagnosed with Asperger last Summer, at age 32. The toughest part I find is that I often don't really know how to act, what to say, how ot say it, so I make scenarios in my head to help out (scripting). Also the fact that I seem to end up as the odd one, the "free electron", the one who goes from one place to the other but never really belongs anywhere and is the disposable part. Anyway, I have made a lifestyle in which I have a bit less social interactions, but enough to feel fulfilled, a bit.
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Never been diagnosed with it or anything, but I do seem to share quite a few common neurological traits. Nothing obvious enough to be noticed by everyone, but I don't use my brain the same way most people do, I've established that for sure. And I only really enjoy socializing if it's one on one, especially if there is a direct purpose to it.
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Originally Posted by Richard Pawgins View Post
I'm pretty sure I'm an undiagnosed aspie
Same. would you ever seek a diagnosis?

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