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For a long time now I've been suffering from pretty intense emotional apathy, but I've never quite understood how to fix it. For example, someone that's close to me can start crying and hug me, but I'll not have a single change in emotion let alone expression unless I fake it. I also am completely and utterly free of motivation or drive to do pretty much anything which makes it even harder to figure out how to fix myself. Anyways, it just seems to me that I'm missing out on the essence of life and being sentenced to live in an emotionless purgatory. I've been super close to ending it on a couple occassions, but chickenened out at the end.
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I have the exact same problem, it's low dopamine levels. Try caffeine pills they are a lifesaver for me for motivation and energy.
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I'm not sure real apathy is possible. At least not for me. I feel like I'm apathetic pretty much all the time but then deep down, it's not real apathy because I do actually care. I just tell myself I don't care and sit back and let things go to hell in a handbasket telling myself I'm always not gonna care and then realizing I was wrong in one great big "WTF have I done?!?!?!?!" moment. Just a brief microsecond of clarity there and then I drift off to sleep thinking I'll fix everything tomorrow. And then of course I wake up feeling strong again and the "I'm gonna be apathetic" thinking returns.
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I guess, everybody has different levels of emotionality and empathy! As long as you really really don't feel anything at all, and you wouldn't stop at nothing, I wouldn't get too stressed out about it!

We are exposed to so much information, tragedies, catastrophes on a daily basis. And many of us have quite a burden to carry. It's a healthy reaction to not let everything get to you!

Also, with the start of the common use of the internet there has been an overkill of constant self-presentation, including inflationary displays of exaggerated and fake emotions (because it looks so nice). Too much hugging, OMGs!, expressions of sympathy for anything and everything. It seems like a competition of goodness, that doesn't reflect peoples behavior in real life.

Therfore, many of us might have wrong expectations regarding emotions and difficulties accessing them!

As for lack of motivation, I recently overcame a long period of that! It was terrible!

If possible, you should accept it to a certain extent! Maybe you are really drained at the moment and your body and soul just need this mode to regenerate!

Nothing bad about it! Forget the competition and performance society!!!

Concentrate on the natural and basic things! Walk in honest nature as much as you can!

I'm not really into meds, but I also found higher (still safe!) doses of vitamine D plus K pretty helpful.
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