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Red face

Yeah. Loss. Hopelessness

It's regular when I wake to a functioning day. I look after myself. When the chores of food, shower, pursuing work, checking all info sources. ie. this website, news

When things dry up, I feel hollow and can be positive. I relax by going to bed in the day

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When I feel anxious I get that feeling, but near my clavicles/'s hard to describe but feels like a dull my muscles are tightening up.
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I get that when I am extremely nervous before the plane flights and sometimes after them too.
I could be just high blood pressure though.
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Weird empty feeling in chest

I have no idea what this is but when I see/hear it described I know what it is. I have had it off and on for 40 plus years. usually, it comes from nowhere. The last few days it has happened when I was at home and working on fun projects. It is more of an annoyance than anything. Seems most people have no idea what someone is talking about when they describe this. This weekend it has happened several times. It may not happen again for months and months.
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Absolutely I've felt this before. It's a dull ache I get when I feel extremely depressed or anxious. It feels like my body is constricting around emptiness in my chest and I just feel like horrible emotion of just being alone for the rest of my life. That I'll always suffer with my disorders no matter what.
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...just kidding

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I have a feeling of pressure and pain around my diaphragm area almost every day. Once it was so bad, I had to leave work early. I have it right now, it's hard to breathe.
I don't know if this is what you mean though.

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Just got it there after dinner, is anyone else's feel abit wheezy when it's tight? Only happens some nights couldn't really put my finger on it before but I'm guessing it's from the anxiety.
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Originally Posted by ThirdEyeGrind View Post
I think I MIGHT be experiencing something similar. When it happens, does it feel sorta like you're all the sudden outta breath while exhaling and last just for a second? Feels sorta like your breath is gone for no reason, and lasts just for a second. Is this what you're experiencing, or is it just me? Oops. I didn't realize you said it lasts for hours. It does sound anxiety related though. Talk with your doctor about it.

I know this post is dating back quite a while, but you have perfectly described what I'm experiencing. Have you ever had this diagnosed? I've been experiencing this on and off for a few years but lately it's been happening every day. I had gone to the doc a while back and had an EKG and everything was normal. Doc said it was most likely stress related.

Although it only lasts for a second at a time, it's pretty scary.

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Hello my names Leanne I'm 28 and a mum of two! I've suffered with panic and depression back 10 years ago and got over it with medication now I'm back there!! I feel like I'm guna have a heart attavk!! Can't get it out my head! It's ruling me! I get this empty like hungry feeling but in my chest! I get shooting pains in my arms they go numb and I'm not me anymore, I am normally fit and well got horses had them all my life and I also do kickboxing well that's stopped as I'm now to scared to exercise incase my heart can't handle it! I've been to doctors he sending me for fasting blood tests and gave me number for therapy, I had an ecg last year but he hasn't suggested another?! He said there is nothing wrong but I can't help it!! Anyone else experiencing this! My husband is great but just doesn't quite understand as he hasn't been through it so thinks I can just snap out of it! 😭😒😒
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Its that deep sad feeling where you want go hit someone in the face because your really sad and mad at the same time. One time I had dream like that I hit my farther with a chair on his head. He didn't get hurt or anything that was weird.
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I used to get that feeling when i was younger. Probably anxiety who knows
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I diff get that feeling like a Burning Urge, happens to me when my Social Anxeity everytime I get it It feels I should do something but my mind gives out negative feelings..feels like i go out of control most of the times
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Originally Posted by OldSchoolSkater View Post
If it's what I get, an empty slightly painful feeling in the chest, then yeah I would guess it's anxiety and depression related. I had been good for a couple years, only getting it for a few minutes at a time and months apart from each other, but lately it's come back in full force. I almost constantly have that feeling - it's a sinking, depressing, painful, sad feeling in my chest. I don't know how else to describe it, but it seems to be more of an emotion but I get physical symptoms in my chest. Like I said, a sinking, depressed, and worthless feeling.

Not sure if that's what you feel or not. If it is it's good to know I'm not the only one. If it's not, then maybe I am the only one and I should go see a doctor.
finally, someone that understands me, ive told my doctor but she doesnt listen and doesnt take me seriously. Ive tried telling my friends about it and none of them can relate. They try to tell me its something else but no its not. The quote is exactly how i feel.
the feeling comes in randomly and messes my mood up, i wont be thinking about anything but then this feeling rushes to me like a wave of sadness. its like a warm deep sinking pit feeling in my heart/chest area. The feeling stays for a couple minutes, the longest time for it for me was 2 hours and i was just not feeling anything for the rest of the day. I am relieved theres people out there that i can relate to about this, sucks that we have to experience this tho.
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The chest and abdominal wall muscles are tightening in response to some type of tension that is likely anxiety/depression related. It can be brought on by medication and physical changes before you feel emotional changes. I had spiking heart rates all my life over everything even when calm until I did a complete overhaul of my meds and suddenly I had these weird chest to rib sensations still when my heart rate was fine. I found the change in medication was increasing awareness of existing muscle tension and causing that pressure or sinking feeling periodically. At the most extreme it even clamped down my stomach so food wouldn't process or go out so food didn't want to go in.

It often actually bothers me when I'd go to relax. I read the reason for it but can't remember the details. Overall the body displays a stress reaction after the stress is gone and it is releasing hormones to recover. Unfortunately it then often brings back memories of the cause of recent anxiety or depression and creates a cycle that can lead to randomly crying and being depressed (happened to me a lot when starting to relax for bed until med changes and I didn't understand it then) or even cause panic attacks in some people after nothing is going on around them anymore. During a moment of stress it makes sense but other times the body is just doing a crappy job of cleaning house and going to a doctor will just get you labelled a hypochondriac. Reduce stimulation like light and sound except tolerable distractions-foreign tv I have to read subtitles on works great because you can't stop to think even as much as you can a book but you aren't trying to process anything in life that impacts you like online conversations would, drink some mild liquid-hot or cold depends on the individual but it would instantly improve my breathing for a short period to take a drink, applying heat (that container of tea I've already got now works) to your chest may improve breathing over longer periods, and as hard as it is try not to obsess about it or the thoughts it brings and the changes will pass so you can continue recovering. Sometimes if I was getting ready to sleep when it happened it would help to actually get up and go do some light tasks around the house and things like refilling the chinchilla water bottles even if they weren't that empty yet until it passed and I forgot about it. If nothing is going on then the body is trying to relax but it got stuck switching states and you just have to not make it worse. Now in the moment you've got an entirely different situation to try to counter.

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