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Hello! Is there a chance to find someone here who had agoraphobia and cured it?

It's really really a shame to be like that at 22 years old (like I am), but I really need to find people who had/has the same problem.

Some details about my agoraphobia (and I'm not really sure if it is an agoraphobia, actually):

- I can't go outside of the house at daytime and alone because I think that people are looking at me and when I see them looking - I start to act weird like shaking or something else and they see it and laugh
- I can go outside with somebody that I know - a close friend for example
- I can get out the house at night and walk where there is no people
- I also feel better when the weather is bad like raining or something because then I think no one looks at me, everybody is in rush
- I can get outside of the house when I talk to someone on the phone because then I'm feeling like I'm not alone.

Please, tell me if you have had something like this or close to this or if you know how to deal with it.

(I don't have a job at the time, I seriously don't go outside of the house)

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Exposure therapy, good results from doing that exposure therapy.
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I had a similar problem with my girlfriend. CBT received once a week for 7 weeks. Actually, it's lonely and fear of recognition. My girlfriend had the fear of going to nearby places. You can talk to a specialist in Exposure Therapy.
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I had a similar problem years ago (I was 20-22). I would only leave the house from 10pm-6am to go shopping at the 24 hour grocery store (self check out). I didn't have a job either and my parents were paying my rent so I really didn't have to leave besides that. I remember looking into getting my groceries delivered too so I wouldn't even have to leave for food.

I think the only thing that helped me get over this was medication and it took me years to be able to get a job and go back to school and go to stores in the day. It was a very slow and painful process.
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very similar to my friend. she did some CBT, got pushed to do stuff by psychologist. got a lot better. then therapy ended, got a lot worse again. getting out a bit more now but always with other people I think - she started doing meetup events. she can take the bus alone if she listens to music on her headphones, but she really avoids it. I dont think she goes out for walks at all anymore. even when I suggest we go for a walk together lately she doesn't want to. but I def think the therapy helped, better if it's long term. just someone authoritative to push her to go out and hold her acountable when she doesn't.

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I didnít work for a year from 2017-2018 and I barely left the house. I didnít even start applying for jobs until my employment insurance ran out and I had to to make sure rent and other bills were being paid. Even now I basically go to work and come home. If I didnít need to I wouldnít work and likely would fall back into the more extreme end of things. Iíve had other similar spells too through out the years, even got into debt to avoid working at one point. Takes a lot of hard work and controlled exposure to get over it but if you have to force yourself out to get by you donít gain anything from that type of exposure, nothing long lasting anyway. Also, unlike many who find comfort in having someone they know around when they do go out I always feel like my embarrassing anxiety issues reflect negatively on them so it actually causes me more anxiety than being alone ironically
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I rationalize the situation when I'm outside. If someone glances at me, I might think there's something wrong with me but people just tend to look at people and maybe they're thinking the same thing.

Make a list of easy to hard things to do socially and slowly go down the list doing the easy stuff first. Don't be so tough on yourself if you don't complete something, just try to get farther next time.
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pinnacle thread, indeed

just one language construct though,

'there' = ? where logic. majority of sentences/expressions begin this way

absolutely equivalent to YOU, too. No referred link of detail or data, all missing.

all starts: this is?? was? there is? there strictly needs a location. virtual.
all colloquial people wave hand/finger at/round things randomly... in street.. over.. there.. politics, all speeches

truism. followed up by extra later..? ghost? ghoul? goblin? car? cloud? bucket?

any person begins their announcement with.. "IT" OR There is....... typically can be ending with.. some.. rain?

before they reach a culmination.. conclusion.. as they start ambiguously, i want violence to 'em
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