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Additional Disorders to Social Anxiety/Phobia...

What other disorders does everyone have in this group?

I have a touch of OCD... it is not all-encompassing...I just have a couple of nagging things I do on occasion ....such as I need to stop the calorie counter on an even number every time I work out at the gym...I need to say "Vells Fargo" every time I see the Wells Fargo bank sign/logo someplace in sort of an accent lol (sorry this is very very odd and usually I will whisper it barely audibly if I'm driving by with someone else in car lol)... I need to beep under two specific underpasses in my town .... I always have to run away when I see a car coming down our street.... I think just those things is about it....funny to write them out it really makes me seem like a bizzare person *shrugs*

I have a huge fixation with the past and I have to comb through all the details and basically reenvision so many happenings of my past - past journals, past recordings, vlogs, saved letters, saved items, etc etc. - I wonder if this is part of OCD?

I have a serious case BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) where I will spend a long time picking apart my faults in photos and in mirrors and then obsessing over them. I take videos of myself to check my appearance. I make personal video vlogs and then rewatch them picking out things I don't like. This obsession for the past years of my life has led me to get cosmetic surgery on my nose and also a permanent lip injection (not big and fake but just to change what I didn't like about the natural) and also some fillers as well (non-permanent) to correct every perceived flaw. I'm scared of wrinkles and of ageing.

I suppose those things may be all the additional to my social phobia/anxiety, I will edit if I have left anything out!

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schizoid and AvPD traits 🥳

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Um, yeah. Lol.

The big one for me is gender dysphoria. Being trans has pretty much destroyed my life.

I'm like the opposite of you behaviorally: I hate my body so much that I refuse to look at it at all. Or to let anyone else see it. I never take pictures of myself, I never share them with other people, and I would never look at them to pick out my flaws even if I did have pictures. I used to keep my mirror covered so it wouldn't upset me (but I can't do that when I live with other people, so I just don't look at it). I'm unfortunately extremely aware of my flaws because you can't always avoid seeing a reflection of yourself or looking at body parts. There isn't a single part of my body that I like and that doesn't upset me. That includes the sound of my voice. I won't do either voice or video chat, even with my best friend. I only do text. I wish I was invisible so that no one could see me when I leave the house. I've honestly never met another person with a bigger problem with their appearance. But I am actually really ugly, it's not BDD.

I got bullied a lot in high school, because I'm kind of effeminate, and back then being queer was really bad. I got beat up a couple times and got threats constantly. So now I have a phobia of people (like a phobia of spiders) and can't be around them without a lot of anxiety (that's different from social anxiety, because I'm not actually concerned about other people's opinion, only their potential for violence). I have a really bad startle response, bad insomnia, terrible nightmares which I get almost every night, and sometimes even "imagine things" (like I was convinced for like a year that I had a giant beehive in the ceiling of my bedroom). My therapist thinks I have complex PTSD, though I don't think I've actually gone through anything traumatic, it's just that I'm genetically predisposed to anxiety (my mother and all my bio sibs have anxiety disorders, two of my brothers have schizophrenia).

I also have several phobias (bears, spiders, heights, lightning). I'm also a hypochondriac, which is on my medical record now, so doctors are always really skeptical when I bring problems to them (and tbh, most of the physical problems I have seem to be psychosomatic/autoimmune responses, like randomly swollen glands/fingers, rashes, etc.). I have a bunch of other physical problems (vertigo, migraines, ulcerative colitis) but this is about mental disorders.

I also have OCD about violence (murdering people, killing myself, being killed by other people). It used to be pretty terrible, and I almost killed myself to make it stop, but I'm a lot better at managing it than I used to be. I can mostly move past those thoughts fairly quickly. But it's a problem if someone approaches me IRL and I get a sudden thought that they're going to kill me or something. It makes it hard to be anywhere where there are people, because the OCD feeling feels so bad. It makes me feel sick and crazy.

I've also been borderline suicidal (or actively suicidal) most of my life, so I guess some people would call that depression. But I'm too anxious/afraid most of the time to feel "depressed" so it doesn't really feel like depression to me. I think it's just a reasonable response to my problems, since I'm part of a hated minority, in constant psychological anguish, and really poor and will probably be homeless soon.

I probably forgot stuff, but it's hard to keep track of it all. My life is a living hell.

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The only one that's diagnosed is social phobia (also technically selective mutism when I was a kid.) I have lots of symptoms of other disorders - mood issues, long term attention/motivation/organisational problems, autistic traits, schizoid traits, weird motor coordination and sensory processing stuff. Generally a bit of an alien.

Originally Posted by YouTube comment
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I'm not sure I was ever actually diagnosed with social anxiety - but my last psychologist agreed that was obviously part of my problems.

Years ago I was first diagnosed with depression but then in 2011 it was changed to bipolar 1.
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None of this is diagnosed since I don't particularly trust psychs:

1. Probable high-functioning autism.
2. Intrusive memories of past experiences, negative ones of course.
3. Probable lower-than-average intelligence.
4. Probable depression.
5. Suicidal ideation.
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I also have Nightmare Disorder, which means I have nightmares every time I sleep.

Dysthymia and Depression ended a few years ago.
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Paranoid Schizophrenia for me.

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I suffer from depression sometimes, but it only relates to my social anxiety disorder. That is, the whole "life is not worth living so why bother" mindset stems directly from my SAD, how difficult it is to live with, and how strongly it impacts the course of my life. So is that really clinical depression, or is that a natural human emotional response to having to deal with this thing that makes me feel afraid all the time and holds me back in life? God only knows. I have no idea what depression looks like inside the mind of someone who doesn't have an underlying physical/mental condition that impacts their quality of life.
I'm no mental health professional, but I feel like some degree of OCD is common in people with anxiety. It's all about having control, right? We feel anxious when we don't have complete control over a situation. And the people I know with OCD tell me that their tics or rituals help them feel more in-control, at least in their own minds.
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My main one was erythophobia (the fear of blushing). I always blushed super easily, and eventually I feared it happening so much I would avoid interacting with people whenever I could.

Also depression/dysthymia, I think secondary to my social anxiety. The isolation and limits SA imposed on my life inevitably led to feelings of depression.

Thankfully, Nardil/phenelzine has eliminated my facial blushing and I no longer fear it happening. I never think about it at all now. I've been taking Nardil for almost three years.
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Depression for me. Deep dark depressions. All linked to the sense of hopelessness I feel but, you know, all you can do is face each day independently, try to be a decent person, and realize we're not here forever anyway. Behold the moon and stars sometimes. There's something much greater going on, other than this the human world.
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