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The pedophilia in anime is absolutely disgusting

Omg so I was watching Sword Art Online when browsing through Netflix. The reason being my online friend kept talking about anime anime anime and wanted me to watch some, so I'm like eh why watch anime just because it's anime? You should just appreciate a good story and execution whether it's animated or not. But I'm like okay, just clicked on that "Anime" category and browsed through whatever piqued my interest. So I was watching Sword Art Online right. I'm on that episode where that main character finds the little girl with a dragon that died. That's when **** starts to become unbearable. He saves her, okay. But then... they go back into the village, those adult looking men go up to that little girl and start bribing her to party with them, I'm like... eh. Oh, accurate representation of what attractive little girls go through when interacting with old men. So I'm like okay. THEN, she meets up with the adult woman who is hating on her, and she sees her with the main character and she's like "she managed to seduce another man?" I'm like... wtf! It's not her fault that old men are sexualizing her! She's drawn as a little girl! No chest, very childish looking, childish voice. Could play as a character in some elementary school anime. But I'm like okay, maybe that's still a representation of what toxic older women do.

But what made me stop watching... was the fact that the show itself was sexualizing her. Close up on her legs, her blushing when she touched the main character (who told her that she reminds him of his baby sister!), a scene of her in a bra and panties on her bed, about to open the door on the main character while halfway naked and her being flustered about it in a sexual way, then another close up on her skirt that was about to fall down when she was being attacked by that plant thing. That's when I had to stop watching. I straight up closed the whole browser. No way in hell am I ever watching that again. Disgusting pedophilia. And it makes you think about that netflix show titlted "Are all men pedophiles?" This is in Japan, they have that huge loli thing going on. But it's also everywhere in the world. It's so repulsive and anger inducing that these pedophiles keep targeting young defenseless girls who don't even look like women at all. They're the little girls you can see waiting for buses to get to their elementary school or shopping for back to school supplies with their mommy. They're your little cousin that you held as a baby and is now 10. Like I can't understand how anyone can look at a child and not view them as babies, or see your little relatives in them, instead they sexualize them. That's revolting. I hate that this stuff is legal and accepted as normal. If I ever have a daughter that gets targeted by some pedophile, you'll know I'll be in court for suspicion of murder. That's some bull**** and this pedophile anime isn't helping.
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Unfortunately pedophilia does seem to be lurking under the surface of many, many people, an example is a respected man in my area, who was recently convicted of raping his 16 year old daughter multiple times, I've tried to rationalise it & come to the conclusion it might be partly a primal instinct from when life expectancies were much lower among humans so those who became sexually active sooner had higher survival rates, maybe......... : /

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That's because you can't separate violence from affection.

In East Asia, innocence, youth and neoteny are valued as sexual traits much much more than in other cultures.

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Originally Posted by blue2 View Post
raping his 16 year old daughter
that's horrifying. (that's hebephilic rape tho)

other examples: Donald Trump, Joe Biden

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