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Naomi Campbell's prison diary

I know you've all been waiting for this ....

This diary isn't a spoof. She really did write this...! Does anyone else think that jailbirds being able to cash in on their time in prison like this (especially wealthy jailbirds like this one!) shows a slight disregard for the court decision and kind of sabotages the purpose of the jail sentence?

My happy days as a model floor sweeper
Serving a sentence in NY Sanitation worked out just fine for a recovering drug and booze addict, Naomi Campbell reveals in her diary

Who has the right to judge a book by its cover? What I wear walking into my community service has no connection to what Iím going to do when I get inside. This is how I dress, and this is how I carry myself. What do they expect me to do Ė walk in looking all drib and drab? Iíve never looked drib and drab in my life.

Thereís no plan for this week. Itís kind of unfolding as it goes. The judge at my sentencing had promised that my car could drop me off at the door of the Sanitation Department every morning. I asked for that mostly because Iíve had a stalker. ....

Iím not allowed to bring my cell phone in Ė though all the other people doing service seem to have theirs. ...

Everyone else at the Sanitation turns out to be really pleasant too. I meet so many different sorts of people and find out how much the people who work there do for the city. ...

I head to my locker and change into my work clothes and am told, along with two other people, to sweep the garage. We start sweeping so intently and get a rhythm going. I have to tell you, I find solace in sweeping. I have no other responsibilities. I have no phone. I have time to think. I just have peace. ...


Some people can handle a drink or a line of cocaine, but Iíve finally come to realise that, for me, itís all or nothing Ė and it has to be nothing. And my life has changed since.

Iím not saying this to excuse what I did. I threw the phone Ė I threw it, but I didnít bash it Ė and that was wrong.

Iím guilty.

I take responsibility.

So I keep on sweeping. Iím moving so fast they tell me to slow down. Iím getting very protective of my pile of rubbish Ė kind of the way I feel about my HermŤs handbag. I keep looking around to make sure no one is crossing into the area I was assigned to sweep. ...


I go home and watch television, and when the 11 oíclock news rolls around, my friends start calling and texting me. I find out that the press is turning this whole thing into a fashion show by commenting on what I was wearing.


Itís freezing outside, really cold, so I wear a fur coat....

I recognise one of the other Sanitation officers because he does security at night at Nobu. Itís really nice to see a familiar face. ...


I decide to wear black. Itís getting crazy. Iím getting all these calls from designers and stylists asking me to wear their clothes. Apparently people on the internet are rating my outfits. With everything happening in the world Ė in Iraq, in Africa Ė this is what they focus on? ...

Two of the people in the room have never been on a plane. They ask me what itís like, and Iím embarrassed to tell them I was on seven planes the week before alone.


Iím up at six. I pray every morning and every night. Itís something I do because I am very grateful that Iím sober today, that Iím clean. So itís just my little ritual.

We clean the downstairs hall. Bob Marley is on the radio, which is nice.

I grew up very much on my own. I never knew my father. And my mother, ... left me with a nanny from the time I was three until I was 12 while she travelled. Iím sure it wasnít easy for her to leave me, but she was a single mother and she had to work. I canít imagine the pain she felt when my father abandoned us. I would see her on vacations, when she would pop over for a few days. It was always a delight to see my beautiful young mother. How happy Iíd be when she picked me up from school.

... now I need to get myself on the right path first. Part of that involves cutting a lot of working relationships. I donít really have many yes-people in my life any more. Iíve got away from them Ė all the agents, assistants, people who would never tell me the truth and watch me destroy myself. ...

Most people can rely on their family, but I tried to deal with everything on my own. ....

After work, I take the Subway uptown. The last time I was on the Subway you had to use tokens. ...


My last day. Clean the offices downstairs. ... I feel like Iíve paid my debt to society. Iím not proud of what I did, but itís something I definitely learnt from. Now I have to get on with my life, keep working on my problems and go to AA meetings every day.

I want to walk out of here with my head up. I want to go out in style, and fashion is what Iíve done for 21 years. Itís something that I love. So, when Iím finished with my work, I slip on the silver-sequined Dolce & Gabbana demi-couture gown that I packed in my bag this morning. ... When I get outside, they start going crazy, as I get into my friend Giuseppe Ciprianiís silver Bentley. I go back to his place and relax for an hour before I fly out to Miami, because I want to watch my friends Venus and Serena [Williams] play in a tournament. I go to sleep late, but I wake up early, thinking about my coworkers who are continuing their service. I call Marc, and he says, ďWe missed you today.Ē But life goes on, and I learnt from my mistakes. Iím enjoying my life in recovery, itís just one day at a time. Thatís how Iím going to live.
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re: Naomi Campbell's prison diary

You know the poparatzi will be trying to get a picture of her in jail. And with the slary jail guards get, I wouldn't be surprised if they can't talk one or two of them into taking a picture or two.

45 days isn't quite the same as 5. It isn't as long as Martha Sweart's time in jail though. I bet she will change a little bit. But you know there will be the talk shows and magazines that want to interview her after she gets out. There might even be a book.

I don't know, I don't really care about it.

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