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Mob Mentality

...what examples have you seen of it...???

I can recount a few stories ...anything from being 14 and eating at "Hungry Jacks" (believe it's "Burger King" in America) where a guy had just had a heart-attack and was being revived by paramedics right in the middle of the fast food restaurant, with -mind you!!- heaps of people staring at the scene, with his wife/widow crying- many of them ho-ing into a burger and fries. ...I was shocked! ...even more shocked when despite my suggestion to leave and go somewhere else for food, one of my group said: "Why?! Everyone else is still here eating..."

Or... just my experiences working in a florist shop in a hospital. I'd notice how as soon as one customer walked in -after minutes of nothing happening except me staring at the various flower arrangements- at least one, often more, would all swarm in!! ..and I've seen this when I've been a customer my self! people seem to be sort of "sheep-like" in how they will just go into a shop/bar/etc as soon as one or more people are already in there. And that otherwise the shop will be mostly deserted!

...You even see it in my city, Melbourne. The "Most Liveable City"! ...well it's fast out-living it's name!! ...what with over 1,000 people moving here EVERY week! And our water shortage and the dramatic increase of cars on our roads (IT's become HELL over night!!!) and our public transport system being choked with commuters ...and also the sudden (Sudden!!) increase in violence at nightspots in the CBD!! there is even a word for one specific crime -that of smashing a glass cup or bottle in a person's face - "Glassings" they call it!!... people have died or been made into vegetables because they have been based-up randomnly whilst out-on-the town in the CBD (Central Business District) at night.

...A lot has been changing down here in Melbourne.

..But, anyhow, people really do seem somewhat "Sheep-like" once their numbers grow.
What are YOUR observations about the behaviour of people when in groups??
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