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Is that what day it is?
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Economic Lockdown

The numbers are starting to come in on how many people are dying from the damage done to the world wide economy because of corona virus reactions.

Over 10,000 children are dying each month from coronavirus-linked hunger, according to the United Nations.
The U.N. warned in an analysis that coronavirus-related hunger is killing children and causing malnutrition across the globe, the Associated Press reported.
“The food security effects of the COVID crisis are going to reflect many years from now,” Dr. Francesco Branca, head of nutrition at the World Health Organization, said, according to the AP. “There is going to be a societal effect.” (RELATED: Porn And Predators: Activists Warn Of Internet Dangers For Kids During Coronavirus Crisis)
550,000 additional children suffer each month from wasting, a condition caused by malnourishment, which may permanently damage physical and mental growth, the AP reported. The publication noted that the year-long total of children afflicted with wasting will be up 6.7 million from the previous year’s 47 million.

Paramedic Randy Lilly, wearing personal protection equipment (PPE), tends to a 10-month-old boy with fever (John Moore/Getty Images)

The analysis found that 128,000 more children will die during the first 12 months of the virus, according to the AP. The publication emphasized that children and families across the globe are facing food shortages and spikes in food pricing, particularly in Latin America, Southern Asia, and sub-Saharan African communities.

This is only the children, the most vulnerable and protected people in the world. I have no idea how many people in general are dying monthly due to the economic damages caused by covid but I have little doubt it's going to end up killing more people than covid itself.

Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
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I could imagine the suicide rate has exploded and so has homelessness
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Your comment seemed pretty biased and charged to me and since I don't recognize the site I decided to search what it was about.

The Daily Caller is a right-wing news and opinion website based in Washington, D.C. It was founded by now Fox News host Tucker Carlson and political pundit Neil Patel in 2010. Launched as a "conservative answer to The Huffington Post", The Daily Caller quadrupled its audience and became profitable by 2012, surpassing several rival websites by 2013. The Daily Caller is a member of the White House press pool

Guess my instincts are right.

And yes, a massive, unprecedented global pandemic is going to cause significant economic damage one way or another, even if every nation followed the death cult/pro economy model coming out of the USA there's still going to be damage, as shown in the case of Sweden for example, you just can't have tens of millions getting sick, probably over a million already dead, collapsed healthcare systems and somehow avoid significant economic disruption.

It's specially lovely that probably the place that's going to see the most children starving to death is going to be Yemen, because they were already heading for that even before this, because of all the war crimes, blockade and attacks on infrastructure committed by the KSA who is supported mainly by whom again?

This is just... I have no words, using so much current and future suffering to try and push some maniacal political agenda. What an awful world we live in.
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