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Cops: Woman Beat Husband Over Flatulence

Cops: Woman Beat Husband Over Flatulence

Victim was kicked, elbowed for passing gas while in bed

DECEMBER 22--Angered by her husband’s repeated farting in bed, a Florida woman allegedly elbowed, kicked, and scratched her spouse, according to police who arrested her for battery.

Dawn Meikle, 55, is facing a misdemeanor charge following a 3:20 AM confrontation in the Port St. Lucie home she shares with her husband Donald.

As detailed in a December 11 arrest affidavit, Donald told cops that “while he was lying in bed he passed gas,” which prompted Dawn to begin “elbowing him on his arm.”

When Donald’s flatulence continued, “Dawn began kicking him and eventually kicked him out of their bed,” police noted. Donald said that he eventually returned to bed, where he “passed gas again.” Not surprisingly, “Dawn began elbowing and kicking him again.”

Donald said that he subsequently sought to restrain his wife, who repeatedly scratched him across his chest. Cops reported that Donald had four or five six-inch scratches on his chest, and that his t-shirt was ripped in three places.

During police questioning, Dawn said that she had “asked Donald several times to stop passing gas in their bed.” But when his flatulence persisted, Dawn admitted, she “began elbowing and kicking him.” Dawn suffered a bloody lip in the fracas, but she told police that Donald “was restraining me and somehow my lip got split open.”

Dawn also told cops that while she was in the bathroom calling 911, she “sprayed pepper spray in the air to keep Donald out of the restroom.”

Pictured above, Dawn was booked into the county jail on the battery charge. Free on bond, she is scheduled for a December 28 arraignment on the misdemeanor count. (2 pages)
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That sounds like a abusive relationship.

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this woman seemed to kick up a stink about nothing.

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This is why separate beds are a good idea when you're married.

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He should have enough scruples to not pass gas in bed so many times like that.

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Damn...this is why you DONT get married.
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