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Hello all,

I was curious if any of you were bullied as young kids in elementary school, junior high or senior high school.

I was teased as a kid since i was old enough to go to school. I hated it. Every day was a day of terror for me. When i wake up every morning, I am thinking this may be the day i will get hurt or possibly get teased and humilated in public. This type of fear developed into SA.

I am a 26 yo guy and i still have flash backs of people tormenting me. sometimes i can't take it. That is why judo is such a big deal for me. I learned a way to channel my energy. At the same time it is a form of self defense.

This year at university, it's been similar. I have had a couple of people taunt me like they were going to hurt me. Another told me i was a crazy person because i was a psychology major.

Some girls that live below me are loud and after we told them to quiet they won't stop. it is like bullying to me. I get so frustrated. I am always like a pushover. I have trouble standing up for myself.

I have been reliving angry feelings. I am angry because bullies know they can do whta they want and they know i won't do anything about it. I look like the ultimate nerd. If i looked like Mike Tyson, they would never even look in my direction.

Sorry if i sound inarticulate, i am just sad.
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I went to a school that was located in the inner city. the kids i went to school came from povery stricken areas so they were some of the most mean and cruel people because society made them that way. there were also some good and nice people as well. the bad folks would give me trouble sometimes and yes i got bullied. it only made me stronger
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Perhaps you need confidence. Go train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it will give you confidence.

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I used to be bullied a lot. I still am, but more in a social way. I think it has to do with my natural timidity (obviously) but also my appearance - I'm not some good looking alpha-male hunk type. I think I look too young and innocent, and it makes people think they can walk all over me.

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Re: Bullied?

Originally Posted by quietstorm
Nonsense, everyone takes a jab at Mike Tyson.
Sure, but only from a safe distance. You don't mess with Tyson in person unless you want your teeth knocked out or ear bitten off.
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I got some in all three. (mostly the same people 4/5 grade - 9th grade (and less frequent but still extent events further into high school))
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yea i was bullied all through school but i had friends in elementary school who were cool
but then in middle school i withdrew from people and started having panic attacks. i wanted to quit school in 10th grade. but my dad forced me to talk to the counselor. and then i just said whatever and stopped complaining about. people still make fun of the way i look. and i can't get over the past.
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I was bullied from grade 6 to my sophmore year of HS. After that people left me alone.
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I was picked on here and there from elementary to 7th grade then it stopped.

I think it has more to do it the way you present yourself rather than your physical appearance.
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