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Originally Posted by Futures
Look at the prison population. It's mostly filled with overly aggressive, outgoing people.
You're in denial, fella. I'm heading to the nearest mental asylum. Padded cell, straight-jacket, lots of drugs. That's all an SAers really needs.

Oh, and plenty of rest!
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thats really sad

edit: I meant the whole thing in general - guy has **** life, loses it, kills girl.
See his blog:

"I take what is mine. I pay the iron price."
―Balon Greyjoy
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Originally Posted by andy1984
thats really sad
Relax. Its called sarcasm
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SA would have us freaking out - it's what they want!

There are a lot of other factors that go into the profile of murderers. That website was just a tiny portion. There are a myriad of other things going on.

You are a success story waiting to happen!
Live and let live VACUUMS more than a Hoover....
Live and HELP live is better!


(troll activity on the increase)

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I have my doubts that the guy had SA. Maybe it may have started out that way, but he obviously had more messed up things going on inside his head. From the small amount I read from his blog it seemed like he was very paranoid bordering on schizophrenic. It does make me wonder how constant stress has effects on the mental state. His was obviously deteriorating. He obviously knew it was happening too, so if he had commited himself, or someone noticed it, then this crime probably wouldn't have happened.
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Nine inch nails has a whole board dedicated to them?

Man, that is disturbing...
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The guy who did this was a member of the church of the subgenius (a parody religion/artist collective) and everyone involved with it was pretty upset. This guy had apparently at various times been posting to alt.slack (the subgenius newsgroup) about cannibalism and related topics but everyone thought it was normal old weirdness. People talking about necrophilia or cannibalism in a tongue in cheek way isnt all that out of place on alt.slack.

But yeah apparently this guy was dead serious about it.
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"Declaring criminals loners, especially the sickest criminals, is a form of primitive self-defense. It sets crime and the criminal mind safely outside the familiar realm of the majority. It is a way of saying This could never happen here. The kind of person who does THAT could never possibly be one of us."

-Anneli Rufus, "Party of One"
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Has anyone seen this? It is, allegedly, an instant message conversation between Kevin Underwood and a friend of his the day after the murder.

Kevin Underwood had no remorse and concern only for himself on the night of April 13, 2006, which is evidenced by the following instant message conversation. I have replaced the username of the friend, who is in contact with the FBI. I placed "friend" in quotes, for Kevin Underwood's acquaintances are as shocked as the rest of the world with his deeds. The time stamps are incorrect, for this conversation took place at night
[quote:8f54e]I would like to share with you a good portion of our last im conversation.

subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:14:18 PM): I'm glad you're on
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:14:28 PM): Ok, what happened?
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:14:31 PM): I've had a horrible 24 hours
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:14:36 PM): huh???
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:15:11 PM): you know how I said I was going to go to bed early last night? Well, I didn't get to. In fact, I hardly slept at all last night
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:15:30 PM): The girl that lives upstairs from me went missing last night
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:15:43 PM): omg
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:16:02 PM): and I've been worried sick ever since, mainly with the worry that I was going to be named a suspect, and the police would trash my apartment searching it while I was at work
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:16:21 PM): Why would they think YOU a suspect?
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:16:22 PM): as far as anyone can tell, I was the last person to see her before she disappeared
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:16:43 PM): It doesn't matter Kevin....she's missing!
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:16:59 PM): I know I have nothing to worry about, but it's been driving me crazy ever since
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:17:15 PM): If you have nothing to worry about, rest easy.
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:17:34 PM): ever since about 6:30 last night, I've felt like I was only moments away from throwing up. I've hardly ate in 24 hours
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:17:55 PM): Poor girl....UGH
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:18:02 PM): I was out there helping keep watch for her last night, until about 8:00 or so
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:18:15 PM): brb
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:18:17 PM): ok
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:18:27 PM): I do hope they find her!!!!
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:21:48 PM): that was my mom calling about it
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:21:54 PM): Yeah
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:22:11 PM): I kinda figured it was someone like that
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:23:07 PM): so then around 8:00 or so, I tried to go to bed, but couldn't sleep well because of the worrying, and there was a helicoptor flying around all night with a searchlight, and a whole group of people sitting outside all night keeping watch for her, right outside my window pretty much
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:23:25 PM): there's about ten people out there right now, and the helicoptor is still flying around
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:23:48 PM): How old is she around?
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:24:25 PM): Mom said on the news at noon they said they're treating the case as a runaway, and mom called me at work and told me that, and I've been a little less nervous since that. I no longer think the cops are gonne burst in and search the place at any minute
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:24:42 PM): I don't know, but I always figured she was around 12 or 13
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:24:49 PM): a runaway.....omg.....
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:24:53 PM): she better get back home!
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:25:13 PM): yeah, because the last time I saw her, she was riding off on her bike, and that was the last time she was seen. Her bike is still gone
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:25:34 PM): oh noooo!
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:25:42 PM): Is she a small girl?
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:25:50 PM): kinda
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:26:33 PM): the main reason I was worried I'd be a suspect is because I was the last person to see her, and she also talked to me occasionally
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:28:24 PM): well need not worry about that
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:28:31 PM): The last few weeks I've gotten in the habit of hanging out outside my apartment, or just like standing in the open front doorway, and several times she'd stop and talk to me, and one time I was out there with freyja, and she saw freyja and wanted to pet her and stuff, and then later that same day, I was sitting there on the couch for a moment with the front door still open, and the girl just stepped into my apartment and asked if she could hold my rat. So I'm worried my neighbors would've seen all that and suspect me
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:29:02 PM): she seems like a very nice, trusting kid, and that's probably what got her in trouble, if she's not a runaway
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:29:21 PM): Well, the best thing you can do is talk to her parents about all this...that she seems a trusting child
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:29:37 PM): then the night before she went missing, she stopped by my apartment again and asked if she could use my phone
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:30:03 PM): hmmm
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:30:08 PM): tell her parents this!
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:30:30 PM): and I'm afraid the cops would come into my apartment, and see all my knives and swords and the horror movies and documentaries about serial killers on my dvd rack, and suspect me
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:30:55 PM): and there's always blood all over my bedsheets and stuff, but it's my own blood
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:31:05 PM): If they DO suspect you, all you have to do is answer their questions!
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:32:02 PM): yeah, I know. I don't know why it's bothering me so much. I've been so nervous all day, if the cops questioned me, they would think that I did have something to do with it, because of how I was acting
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:32:18 PM): and I can barely keep my food down
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:32:35 PM): I'm a lot better now, but it drove me crazy all night and morning
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:32:56 PM): I hope she's ok.
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:33:11 PM): She looks a lot like Marci. Maybe that's part of what's bothering me
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:33:43 PM): I think it is part of it.
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:34:14 PM): she's got red hair, and kinda reminds me of Marci a little
[Marci is the name of Kevin Underwood's younger sister - thanks Taximom]
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:35:22 PM): oh hun
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:36:15 PM): thanks
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:36:26 PM): you're welcome
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:36:56 PM): even though I'm in a better mood now this afternoon, my stomach still feels a little funny. I think that's just because it's so empty, though
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:37:37 PM): yeah, you need to try and eat
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:37:51 PM): the investigators will do their best
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:38:26 PM): I didn't have any dinner, and I only had like half a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and I didn't even drink the milk from it, I poured it out. Then I just had a six-inch sub from subway for lunch
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:50:32 PM): another phone call, but it was just a stupid telemarketer
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:51:44 PM): man, I just don't know why I was so paranoid about all this earlier. I know I didn't do anything, but I felt like I did. I expected the cops to come in an arrest me at any minute.
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:52:14 PM): it really freaked me out when my boss sent some new guy over to help us. I didn't know who this guy was, and he just walked up to me and said "Kevin Underwood?"
former "friend" (4/13/2006 2:52:35 PM): ohhh, yikes
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 2:53:33 PM): even though just by looking at him you could tell he definitely wasn't a cop or anything, lol. It was some guy, probably about 20, with a goatee, and wearing a t-shirt with a monkey face on it, lol
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 3:12:08 PM): holy crap! Another phone call! This time it was a wrong number
former "friend" (4/13/2006 3:12:17 PM): lol yikes
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 3:12:33 PM): in the last two hours I've gotten more phone calls than I normally get in a week
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 3:12:51 PM): and every time the phone rings, I freak out again a little
former "friend" (4/13/2006 3:13:04 PM): Why not listen to your Ipod then?
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 3:13:13 PM): I've got itunes running now
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 3:13:41 PM): I just turned it on about five minutes ago, sitting here in silence was driving me nuts. Thinking too much
former "friend" (4/13/2006 3:14:18 PM): Yeah, it's best to listen to music or watch a movie...maybe even read
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 3:29:25 PM): and those people are all just sitting right outside my bedroom window, barely a foot from it
former "friend" (4/13/2006 3:29:41 PM): They're worried.
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 3:30:00 PM): yeah, but I hope they don't sit right outside my window all night
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 3:31:06 PM): They don't seem very worried. They're being loud and laughing a lot
former "friend" (4/13/2006 4:14:17 PM): ok Kevin, I'm gonna go lay down....[name removed] tired
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 4:14:32 PM): I'm probably gonna go to bed early too
former "friend" (4/13/2006 4:14:41 PM): I hope you feel better and that the girl gets found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 4:14:50 PM): goodnight
former "friend" (4/13/2006 4:15:09 PM): take care, and try to talk to her parents sometime soon....that way they will know of what she did before she left
subspecies23 (4/13/2006 4:15:19 PM): ok, bye
former "friend" (4/13/2006 4:15:24 PM): ok bye bye

That was it. I found it odd that he DID NOT say "Yeah, I should talk to her parents." Also, in aftermath I now REALLY see that he was only concerned for himself.
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thats chilling!!! & he's so casual about it you wouldnt really suspect him...
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