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What's the best medication for Social Anxiety?

Hi. I'm new to the board.
I want something that will really put me out there, cuz my social anxiety is pretty high. Suggestions, anyone?
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I'm figuring most will say benzos but you have to fight for them usually.
You should also try group CBT with a therapist who knows how to and can treat SA people.
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Re: What's the best medication for Social Anxiety?

Benzos. Get ready to jump through a whole lot of hoops if you want some.
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meds and CBT help best
any valium type med taken as needed helps a lot, allowing you to socialise and get back some confidence
an antidepressant, if one can be found that works f9or you, will also help a lot
a self help on overcoming SA will have useful advice, which some can follow and some cant, or perhaps, wont
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Personally, I have had tremedous relief from Klonopin (a benzo) and very small dose of Lexapro daily. I have both SA and depression. I take .75mg of Klonopin a day and 2.5 mg of Lexapro (1/4 of a pill). I feel like myself only so much better! I can talk to people, I've even gone to 2 social events with v. little anxiety, even when we had to play a version of the "name game". Lexapro puts me in a positive mood, and Klonopin allows me to relax and not think people are looking at me or judging me. I am still not a big talker, still working on striking up conversations, but now I can actually participate. It has changed my life.
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SSRIs usually suck for anxiety, but are ok for depression. Maoi's such as nardil is good for SA, and is what i take. benzos as well.

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